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Walk On Top II HW
Fine Magic HW
Lord Lennox HW
FifthAvenue HW
Fuersten Hit HW
Sir Fidermark HW
FlickFlack HW
Sir Niro HW
Bentley HW


Walk On Top II HW Sensational looks, paired with international (FEI) quality, competed intensely and very successfully with super scores, now at 3rd level, absolutely sane and impressive.

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Fine Magic HW Reliable, cute FEI candidate with eye-catching exterior. Very well balanced & fancy mover, sweet as can be and already at 2nd level.

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Lord Lennox HW World Class quality, mind blowing gaits, at 3rd level with mind blowing gates, superb bloodlines, mesmerizing looks and temperament, definite FEI contender!

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Fendi HW Airtime, chic & super temperament, this future FEI super star has a lot to offer!

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FifthAvenue HW Beautiful dream horse, amazing bloodlines, exquisite looks, successfully shown, FEI potential with super fancy movement, already winning at 3rd level against huge competition.
FürstenHit HW International quality gaits, fairy tail looks, total charmer, phenomenal mover, at 2nd level and true future FEI candidate!

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Sir Fidermark HW Noble, breathtaking FEI candidate, with amazing rideability and cat like movement.

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FlickFlack HW Impressive and chic FEI candidate with outstanding looks and movement.

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Sir Niro HW


Reliable, willing FEI candidate with superb bloodlines. Well balanced & fancy mover! He's as sweet as can be!

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Bentley HW International quality gaits, fairy tail looks, superb airtime, true FEI candidate, up and coming, über cool Super Star!

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