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BestFriend HW, bay Hanoverian gelding by Buckingham/Competent, born in 2015, standing approximately 168 cm or 16.2 hands.

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BestFriend HW was sired by Buckingham (Bordeaux/Rousseau). All of the characteristics that distinguish a top stallion, are clearly accounted for. A true sportsman from top to bottom is how Buckingham presented himself at the 2013 Vechta licensing.

Under saddle he surpassed all expectations and it was no surprise when he became the best dressage horse of his stallion performance test, achieving a breeding value of 154. His three fantastic gaits and constant willingness to perform were rewarded with outstanding grades. Vechta´s incredible disposition also delighted the test riders, earning him a 9,5 for rideability.

This sportiness is of no coincidence. Buckingham´s father Bordeaux was placed 4th at the World Championships of Young Dressage Horses with Eva Möller. The dam´s sire Rousseau, also came second in the Dressage Championships in 2003.


BestFriend HW's dam is the multi tasking stallion Competent. It is a name that is also program: Competent is a real "jack of all trades". Highly elastic in the three basic gaits. Added to that, an astonishing manner of locomotion via leaps and bounds. He absolved the 2000 stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse as one of the best stallions of an age class numbering 51 contenders, in Performance class I. He was especially brilliant in jumping, in which he attained the highest of scores. Competent is the first of meanwhile several approved sons of the highly esteemed Compliment and along with Glückspilz, Graphit and Gotthard, carries an agglomeration of the G-blood on the maternal side of the pedigree, which is so invaluable for Hanoverian horse breeding. Earlier generations of his ancestry include the East Prussian impressed stallions Landherr and Keith, who were very popular sires of riding horses in their day. The dam Gescha produced the one year younger approved full-brother Campo Grande who is being used as a stud horse in Hessia and Baden-Württemberg in the same mating combination. The highly valued Moritzburg state stallion Accuse is also closely related. The dam-line is identical in origin with that of the renown stallions Sigesmund (private stallion Oldenburg) and Wulf (Celle state stallion). It is anticipated that Competent will pass on his great predisposition for sport and his brilliant type to his progeny.


BestFriend HW, is just like ordered: Amazing looks, chiseled, super pretty, small head, he could probably drink out of a tea cup? That muscular stallion neck, yes - he is a gelding, his movement and talent, make him the total package. He will catch your attention with his beauty and elegance. He is a true eye candy, smart and collection comes super easy to him, lateral work is a blast!

He has three fantastic, rhythmic gaits, stellar cadence, currently already at 4th level, Prix St. George is just around the corner, solid counter canter, amazingly easy, uphill flying changes, with a steady and stellar hindleg, reaching far under him.

This boy is super impressive with his stunning, free shoulder, sensational trot movement, uphill canter and swings always nicely through his body, easy and fun to sit for everyone. His walk is always rhythmic, no matter if collected or extended walk. Everybody will love him, the judges and the audience alike will be excited to see him.

Perfect for an Adult Amateur, Professional or Young Rider, ideal start to train your own Prix St. George horse in the next months with the athleticism all the way to Grand Prix!

This is a horse, with a very big heart.

He's looking for his life partner to go out, have fun and compete.

He gets along well with other horses, loves human attention, wants to be in your pockets all the time and thrives for his personal grooming time.

Loads and bathes, goes in the hot walker and is pleasant all around as well as a super partner. He is ready to go to his new owner and impress with his looks and potential for the upper level. This boy will go his way up the levels with ease and fun, hopefully you will be the one guiding him there. BestFriend HW will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his sensational abilities, he will collect all ribbons with ease, high point and more, here we come.

The goal of HW Farm is, to offer highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world.

X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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BestFriend HW Buckingham Bordeaux United Krack C
Venna Gribaldi
Leandra M
Ahevina Rousseau (ex: Rambo) Ferro
Hevina Renville (ex: Ruud van het Woutland)
Chula Candela Competent Compliment Calypso II
Gescha Glueckspilz
St.Pr.Adriana Amerigo Vespucci xx Akari
Brentana Brentano







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