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Dante HW, black Westphalian gelding by Dante Weltino/Don Lauredo, born in 2016, standing approximately 167 cm or 16.2 hands.

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Dante HW was sired by Dante Weltino. All of the characteristics that distinguish a top sire have been united in Dante Weltino. This fabulous mover, the 1st Reserve Champion of the 2009 Oldenburg licensing in Vechta, fulfilled his performance requirements in 2012 by winning the qualifier for the Bundeschampionate in the class for five-year old dressage horses with an outstanding score of 8.3. He then repeated this feat in 2013 by winning the Bremen qualifier for the six-year old dressage horses, but with an even better score of 8.6.

Dante Weltino and his rider Therese Nilshagen helped the Swedish team take bronze at the 2017 European Championships in Göteburg and also placed fourth in the individual. In 2018, the duo placed 4th with the Sweidsh team and tenth in the individual at the World Championship in Tyron, USA. In 2019 they went on to help the Swedish Team win bronze at the FEI European Championship in Rotterdam.

The Hanoverian Verband approved the sparkling black stallion for breeding in 2012. Since then Dante Weltino's first foals arrived, and everyone has been talking about them. A son named De Supreme won the 2nd Lodbergen Foal Championships and was the most expensive colt at the Vechta Elite Foal Auction. Dante Ferro, the 2011 Lodbergen Champion, was sold as the gavel was knocked-down in Vechta for 29,000 Euros. Another Dante Weltino son named Damenball was sold for 20,000 euros.

In 2019 is daughter Atterupgaards Lady Hamilton was named Danish Warmblood Mare of the Year.

His sire, Danone I, has won ribbons up to level Intermediate I. Four of his sons were licensed including the second most expensive premium stallion of the Hanoverian licensing who sold for 320,000 euros and the stallion performance test winner, Dankeschön.

The dam's sire, Welt Hit II, was listed among the top ten in the 2011 WBFSH's list of the world's best dressage stallions.

The granddam, Verb.Pr.St. Riconess, is the dam of the show jumping Bundeschampion and winner of the Badenia Prize, Lumos (by Lordanos) and the Olympic participant St.Pr.A. Riwera OLD (by Welt Hit II).

The great granddam Ricarda is the dam of the Oldenburg Champion Mare, St.Pr./El.St. Riconda (by Contender). This is the successful line of Richilda.

Dante Weltino:

Dante HW's bloodlines go back to the big names, Danone, De Niro, as well as Donnerhall and Weltmeyer, so many to name, all the good old, strong competition lines, highly sought after in today's sport horses.

Dante HW himself, is just like ordered: Amazing looks, movement, talent, he's the total package. He will catch your attention with his beauty and elegance. He is a true eye candy, smart and willing to please.

He has three fantastic, rhythmic gaits, with stellar cadence. Dante HW is already working solid at 2nd level, with super steady, always uphill movement.

This boy is super impresses with his stunning, free shoulder, sensational trot movement, uphill canter and swings always nicely through his body, with a soft back and an active hindleg. His walk is always rhythmic, no matter if collected or extended walk. Everybody will love this one, the judges and the audience alike will be excited to see him.

Dante HW is willing to learn daily, very sweet and with his super work ethic and attitude, a horse that fascinates his rider as well as trainer, every day of the year. He is so much fun!

This is a horse, with a very big heart.

He's looking for his life partner to go out, have fun and compete.

He's just a sweetheart. Dante HW is suitable for an amateur, young rider or professional alike to continue his training and go on from there.

He gets along well with other horses, loves human attention, wants to be in your pockets all the time and thrives for his personal grooming time. Loads and bathes, goes in the hot walker and is pleasant all around as well as a super partner. He is ready to go to his new owner and impress with his looks and potential for the upper level. This boy will go his way up the levels with ease and fun, hopefully you will be the one guiding him there. Dante HW will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his sensational abilities, he will collect all ribbons with ease, high point and more, here we come.

The goal of HW Farm is, to offer highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. This young star will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top, as well as a superb Young Horse Candidate.

X-rays on file!

Please inquire for price, check out his video clip!!!

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Dante HW Pr.H. Dante Weltino Danone I De Niro Donnerhall
St.Pr. Well Done Weltmeyer
St.Pr. Bellis
St.Pr./El. Rihanna Welt Hit II Weltmeyer
VPr./El. Cileste
Verb.Pr.St. Riconess Noble Roi
Dakira Don Lauredo Donnerhall Donnerwetter
St.Pr. Las Palmas Lauris Crusador xx
A'Lady Arpeggio Acord II
St/Pr./L.St-s Perle
St.Pr.St. Francis Focus
Verb.Pr.St. Dido

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