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ForDiamond HW
Satisfaction HW
BellaRoyal HW
FirstEdition HW
De Naldi HW
Qupid HW
FinestDream HW
Quality Time HW
BestMan HW
Francisco HW


ForDiamond HW Lady's horse, fancy gentleman, FEI prospect, radiant type, lots of presence, and movement!

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Satisfaction HW Mesmerizing FEI candidate, same sire as SenSation HW, Markel/USEF National Young Horse Champion 2018 and 2019, with fantastic temperament, gaits and suspension!

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BellaRoyal HW Fantastic FEI prospect, wow - what a beauty with stunning movement and expression!

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BellaRoyal HW trot1B.jpg (448696 bytes)
FirstEdition HW Stallion looks, gentleman behavior, fun future FEI ride, fancy, fancy, fancy.

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De Naldi HW Reliable, FEI candidate, well balanced & fancy mover! He's as sweet as can be!

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Qupid HW Impressive FEI candidate, well balanced with outstanding looks and movement.

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FinestDream HW

Elastic FEI prospect on his way to the top, sane, sweet and willing!

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Quality Time HW

Noble, breathtaking FEI candidate, with amazing rideability and cat like movement.

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BestMan HW


Champion 3 & 4 year old stallions (now gelded), definite FEI candidate, black, fancy, already at 2nd level. 

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Francisco HW Rideability at it's finest, willing, smart and already at 2nd level, FEI - here we come!

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