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BeMyHit HW, liver chestnut Westphalian gelding by Bon Coeur/Samba Hit, born in 2016, standing approximately 181 cm or 17.3 hands.

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BeMyHit HW is by the remarkable stallion Bon Coeur, an impressive moving premium stallion at the Verden licensing 2014, dressage champion of his 30-day test, Hanoverian Champion 2016 and two times Vice-Bundeschampion in Warendorf!

"Bon Coeur" - literally translated means "good heart"! With his heart in the right place, this extremely talented black horse can easily meet, perhaps even surpass, the expectations placed under saddle. This handsome black stallion is an exceptionally powerful and active mover. He has almost unlimited elasticity and shows already good carrying power in his hindlegs. His natural uphill movement and his unique work ethic coupled with the fascinating mechanics of movement in all its three gaits make him the epitome of the modern sport horse.

All of his natural qualities, coupled with the best rideability under saddle leaves nothing to be desired. His genetics are obviously inherited through strong dressage genes: his father Benetton Dream was Bundeschampion of the three-year stallions 2007, qualified at the ages of 5 & 6 for the Bundeschampionat. Now Benetton Dream has victories in several Grand Prix and moved in 2013 as Olympic hope to Tinne Vilhelmson Silvfén of Sweden, where he currently has a breeding value of 153 points. Also in this pedigree sire Sandro Hit performance impresses his own performance (Federal champion and champion of the 6 year old dressage horses), as well as his superior sires - (numerous Federal champions dressage Champion, several breed winner, offspring and World Cup successes in Grand Prix win).

In the third generation, we find well-tried Hanovarian performance blood from Carismo (test winner at the time) v. Calypso II, which had several times internationally winning offspring in both divisions of the tournament sport. Especially in combination with Sandro Hit, Calypso II has repeatedly delivered highly successful dressage horses. His Stallion Performance test at Schliekau was a tremendous success! He was the winner (in a super field of your stallions) with the following notes:

In training:
9.5 Character
9.0 Temperament
9.50 willingness to work
9.0 Constitution
10.0 trot
8.50 gallop
8.5 walk
6.0 free jump
6.0 free jumping
In the test:
9.0 trot
9.0 gallop
8.5 walk
6.0 free jump
10.0 riding quality guest rider

Bon Coeur:

BeMyHit HW HW's dam is by Samba Hit. The Brandenburg state stud bred and owned licensed stallion Samba Hit I has passed away on Sunday 11 February 2018. He was about to turn 20 years old in spring. Samba Hit was born in 1998 in Neustadt/Dosse and became one of the state stud's most popular breeding stallions alongside Quaterback. He was by Sandro Hit out of Poesie (by Brentano II x Gotland x Sekurit). The dam also produced World young horse champion Poetin.

He was licensed at his home in Neustadt/Dosse in 2000 and was named the champion. He did his 70-day Stallion performance Test at the same location, scoring 133.54 points to finish first out of 21 participating stallions. He obtained a dressage index of 149.02 points and a jumping index of 99.18 points.

The dark bay stallion was first competed by Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen in 2001 and became the reserve champion at the Bundeschampionate that year. In 2003 Christian Flamm took over. In 2004 the pair won bronze at the Bundeschampionate.

In 2005 the duo moved up to small tour level and stayed there for three years. They were third in the 2006 Nurnberger Burgpokal Finals in Frankfurt. In 2008 they did their first national Grand Prix class, but dropped back to small tour a few months later. Between 2009 and 2012 the stallion competed lightly in a mix of small and big tour classes at regional shows. The stallion did his last show in Neustadt/Dosse in July 2012 under Lena Feistkorn.

As a breeding stallion, Samba Hit sired 9 licensed sons (Samba Ole, Sambalino, Samba Genial, Sambalito, Samba's Diamond, Samtorio I, Samurai SB, Shiraz and Sunny Hit) in Germany. No less than 79 of his daughters (out of 216 registered broodmares) received state premium status.

His most famous offspring in dressage include Grand Prix horses Sueno II (Elena Fernandez - SUI), and Rumba Hit (Aleksandra Szulc - POL).

Samba Hit has no less than four full brothers, Samba Hit II (° in 2002), III (° in 2003), IV (° in 2006), V (° in 2008).

Samba Hit:

BeMyHit HW, with a heart of gold, truly an old soul, super sane and fun. The word life insurance comes to mind.

He is a horse of incredible quality and a truly fancy mover, who knows to impress due to his type, work ethic, combined with an excellent self carriage!

This boy is as a horse can get. Unbelievable beautiful in- and exterior, he has a super nice head with a "stallion look alike" neck (he is a gelding!), plus this superb liver chestnut coat, wow, what a horse!

He is a very sweet boy and has the talent to do it all. He's easy to ride, really trustworthy and up for any fun to be had, at 2nd level, doing all he’s asked to do.

BeMyHit HW, is a cat like, elastic mover with lots of schwung, a free shoulder as well as a very good rhythm and balance, the perfect future FEI horse. He is truly breathtaking! He got the best competition genes from his dam and sire, this one is a really special boy. He is definitely for the "big tour".

He just floats above the ground. He as an outstanding character and will climb up the levels with ease. All exercises come naturally to him, as he has the built, movement and athleticism to work in dressage. This extremely talented gentleman has international potential.

BeMyHit HW will just need to look at you with his soft eyes and you are in love with one of the prettiest horses available. The judges will love him due to his expression and "show me" attitude, take him to shows and collect your ribbons. Show him off at clinics and get yourself noticed. He is fun all around. He is in daily training and progressing really nicely. He's very well balanced and super well behaved.

This boy will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his sensational abilities. The goal of HW Farm is, to find highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. BeMyHit HW, is a phenomenal dressage gelding.

This young star will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top!

X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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