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Favorit HW, liver chestnut Westphalian by the powerfull and dynamic BundesChampion Franziskus / Sir Schölling born in 2013, standing approximately 168 cm or 16.2 hands.

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Favorit HW has an impressive pedigree, his sire is the premium stallion Franziskus, he impressed the spectators at the Westphalian licensing in 2010. He has a brilliant type, a perfect frame as well as a harmonious and correct exterior. His basic gaits are nearly perfect: He walks with diligence and beat, he trots with impulsion and forward thrust and he canters uphill. Franziskus was already very good as a foal.

He won the qualification to the German foal-championships. In 2011 Franziskus absolved the 30-days-test in Münster-Handorf successfully: He got a score of 9.0 for trot, canter and rideabilty in the training and 9.5 for his character. The test rider gave him even 9.5 points for rideability.

Continuing his life of success, Franziskus soon became Bundeschampion of the 4-year-old riding stallions with top marks when he was presented by both his own and by foreign riders in 2012. The Olympic rider Ingrid Klimke began riding Franziskus at the end of 2013 and was victorious with him in his first dressage class for young horses, at "M-level" (the highest class 6-year-olds can compete in Germany). In the beginning of 2015, Franziskus started in his first "S-dressage" and was placed.

Franziskus' sire Fidertanz began his career by winning the Westphalian licensing and the 30-days-test in Neustadt/Dosse. 


He was runner up at the "Bundeschampionat" and was the main premium award winner in 2006. Since then, Fidertanz has placed in many advanced dressage classes.

His dam, Antara, has also produced the licensed stallion Dementi, who is successful in advanced dressage competitions as well.

His Dam's sire, Alabaster, was "Bundeschampion" of young dressage horses. In the third and fourth generation, there are the international sport horses, and important stallions, Rubinstein I and Grundstein I.

The basis of the dam line is the Irish thoroughbred mare Daffy Toban xx (by Go Tobann xx-Mustang xx, family 2). That line produced the sires Count on Me, Grafenstein and Winston hervor, as well as the international sport horses Grand Giraud (Alexandra Simons-de Ridder) and Calman, who won the Grand Prix of Nörten-Hardenberg with Rolf Moormann.

Franziskus' sire, Fidertanz, started his phenomenal career in the year 2004 as NRW-Champion Stallion in Münster-Handorf. In 2005, Fidertanz won his 30-day-test in Neustadt/Dosse with excellent results, and became Vice Bundeschampion with a top score of 9.5 in test-riding. In the year 2006, Fidertanz won the High Premium award for dressage-stallions at the Oldenburg-licensing in Vechta. In the meantime, Fidertanz has been trained up to the advanced level in dressage.

Franziskus' dam, Antara, produced with De Niro the licensed stallion Dementi, who is successful at the advanced dressage S Level. The dam's sire is the former Bundeschampion of German Dressage Horses, Alabaster. The third and fourth generation of the pedigree is refined by the internationally successful top-stallions Rubinstein I and Grundstein I. The dam line is based on the Irish thoroughbred-mare Daffy Toban xx (v. Go Tabann xx-Mustang xx-Flamenco xx etc,, thoroughbred-familiy 2). Some of the stallions out of this line (which is followed by the breeding-familiy Albers since the mid 1970's) are e.g. Count on Me (PB Denmark), Grafenstein (PB Oldenburg, State Stud Redefin and Marbach), Winston (PB Hannover, State Stud Celle), as well as the international sport horses Grand Giraud/Alexandra Simons-de Ridder and Calman, who won the "Goldene Peitsche" in Nörten-Hardenberg under the saddle of Rolf Moormann.

Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus

Favorit HW's dam is by Sir Schölling, a son of BundesChampion Sherlock Homes, out of a Warkant mare.

The dam's lineage of the successful blood combination Warkant - Eiger I has produced many successful horses in dressage as well as jumping.

Sir Schölling successfully completed the German stallion performance test with scores of 9 in all gaits. He has been active in German breeding and his offspring have resulted in Sir Schölling being awarded a high dressage index.

Sir Schölling:

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Having successfully completed his Swedish warmblood stallion performance test, he received 42 points for his exterior, with 9 points for type and 9 points for head, neck and body.

Sir Schölling is a stallion with an uphill conformation of international type. Excellent ride ability, elastic gaits and a fabulous temperament Sir Schölling is a result of a very interesting blood combination. He is on his sire's side closely related to among others, the WEG- and Olympic dressage winner - Salinero, Anky Van Grunsven said about him: "Salinero came to my barn when he was six years old. He was meant for an American client but he didn't buy him. Sjef said I should definitely ride him once. From that moment on I knew it's a special horse. He is always willing to work and he has a lot of quality."

He won with the unbelievable scores of 83% and 85% respectively. At the WEG he was also represented on his dam's side by the horses that placed 3rd and 4th- both by Warkant.

Salinero with Anky van Grunsven

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Favorit HW is an extremely fancy gentleman. Beauty, elasticity, and suspension outline this stunning creature. Three rhythmic, big, expressive gaits - that will blow any and all competition out of the park. He is fabulous and easy to ride. Super nice to sit and light in the bridle, he is the horse we all wish we had.

A lady's horse, young rider, AA or professional alike, everybody wants fun!

Favorit HW, equipped with phenomenal competition genes, is a horse of amazing quality and super fancy mover who knows to impress due to his type and work ethic. This stunning horse has it all. He has a super nice, chiseled head, big stallion neck (he's a gelding!). He is a dream come true. His hooves barley touch the ground. He loves to please his handler and rider and is a fast learner. This boy eagerly works under saddle and loves his job. He is breathtaking to watch in the dressage arena and with his quick, far reaching hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him.

He is supple and has a ton of air time. He just floats above the ground. With his free shoulder and huge grundschwung, he swings nicely through his back.

This extremely talented gentleman has international potential.

He is a very sweet young man, with great ride ability and he makes a lasting impression on whom ever sees him. He is easy to handle and loves his personal grooming time and puts his head right in your lap, striving for attention and searching for treats. Perfect Junior or Amateur's horse and absolutely fancy enough and the right quality for a professional as well! You just can't beat his personality, gaits, looks and temperament. With this horse, you will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics, the judges and onlookers will remember him where ever he goes.

His bloodlines are very much sought after, he is your ticket to the top!

Favorit HW is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time.

X-rays on file!

  check out his video clip!!!

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