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She's Magic HW, chestnut Westphalian mare by Triple World Champion Sezuan/BundesChampion Quaterback, born in 2014, standing approximately 166 cm or 16.1 and 1/4 hands.

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She's Magic HW, sired by Sezuan: The Triple World Champion!!!

The 2013 Danish Warmblood Stallion Champion and the winner of Aage Ravn's trophy for best Danish-bred dressage stallion. Sezuan passed his stallion performance test in 2012 in Denmark with scores never awarded before: He was actually given the highest possible score of 10.0 ten times! In 2013 Sezuan continued his victory march and became the Danish Champion Stallion with 10.0 for his walk and canter and 9.5 for his trot. Already as a 3-year-old stallion, he won many European dressage experts' hearts with his outstanding gaits and high rideability, and as a result he became one of Europe's most popular young stallions. Following this, he went on to become the best four-year-old dressage horse in Denmark at the competition in Odense. Here he was again awarded the dream score of 10.0 for his trot, canter and willingness to perform and 8.9 for his walk. With a total of 9.68, the title was rightfully his.

Following his WC-gold win in 2015 with the dream mark of 10.0, Sezuan is now a double champion as in 2016 he won the qualifier for the WC-Final of seven-year-old dressage horses with a final score of 9.52. His rider Dorothee Schneider said of his win, "Everything was perfect. Sezuan is simply a "limelight hog", he wants to be the best, he wants to please."

From Sezuan's first crop of foals, the already highly recognized Oldenburg premium sire, Sam, and elsewhere throughout Europe his foals are setting high, new standards. One progeny, the colt Sirocco was auctioned off for a record-breaking price of 74,000 euros in 2014, and the filly Schwarze Schwalbe Macohl became the Danish Foal Champion of 2015.

In recent years, his sire Blue Hors Zack has proven his value as a breeding stallion with several approved sons and successful progeny. Blue Hors Zack's pedigree combines extremely valuable bloodlines through Rousseau, Jazz and Belisar and he himself was a Champion Stallion not only in the Netherlands but also in Denmark. In 2015 he was able to celebrate victories up to Inter I level with Daniel Bachmann Andersen of Denmark.

Sezuan's dam, Don Romina (by the world-famous Don Schufro who won OL-bronze under Andreas Helgstrand as part of the Danish national team) received the Danish Warmblood's breeder gold medal and was nominated best dressage mare of the year in 2006. Sezuan's grand dam is the bronze medal mare Laina.


She's Magic HW's dam sire is the BundesChampion Quaterback, it's the same dam who produced the BundesFoalChampion Ferdinand HW.

Quaterback is a stallion that seems like he could only come from another planet - with his light-footed, brilliant movement and perfect cadence, all eyes become riveted on Quaterback when he appears.

 his stallion career by being named Champion of his licensing in Neustadt/Dosse in 2005.

In 2006, after the Bundeschampionate, he went on to win his 30 day test at Neustadt/Dosse with outstanding scores: 

Int. 9.0

Trot 9.25

Canter 9.75

Walk 7.63

Riding qualities 9.75

Jumping 7.75


He was the radiant Bundeschampion of the three year old riding horses in 2006 with the highest scores for his trot and canter. The test riders in Warendorf even gave him this dream score of 10.0. Prior to this test, he had won several tests for young riding horses.

He was also the winner of his 30-day test with a final score of 9.14 in dressage, an 8.43 for jumping and an overall score of 8.88. As if it were not enough to have unbelievably dynamic movement, he was also blessed with an outstanding type.

Quaterback comes from one of the most successful mare lines of modern day. His dam Passionata is a half-sister of the unforgettable World Champion and double Bundeschampion, Poetin. Her full brothers Samba Hit I to IV put on convincing presentations at the Bundeschampionate. Samba Hit I was also a finalist in the 2006 Nürnberg Burgpokal and the sire of Samba's Diamond who became the Champion Stallion of the licensing in Berlin-Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt that same year.

Quaterback's successful advanced (S) level sire Quaterman also participated in several Bundeschampionats and is deemed one of the best sires for passing on good movements in the new German States. The grandsire Quando-Quando took 15th place at the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 under Kristy Oatley-Nist. With a pedigree geared for performance from all sides and from the famous Neustädter P family, all doors are open for Quaterback.

He passes his big and fleet-footed movement to his offspring, and therefore has produced a lot of foal champions and auction foals. One of them was sold for 120.000 euros at a Hanoverian auction.

His off-spring are very popular, due to their modern, noble looks, outstanding rideability and strong movements and they also have the good jumping ability his pedigree promises.

All of these characteristics are impressively documented in the FN's 2004 Predicted Breeding Value statistics.

In 2012, Quaterback was the sire of a Vice-Bundeschampion. Quarterback uses his body as nothing you have ever seen. He is the talk of the town in Germany, with movements that can only be described as incredibly supple, strong and uphill. Over 50 sons of Quaterback are now licensed, including the 2009 and 2010 young stallion champions in Neustadt/Dosse. In addition, Quaterback has produced several premium stallions at almost all German licensing's.

Scores for the Bundeschampionat:

Trot; 9.5you wrote his dam (not) mother

Canter: 10 walk

7.5 Conformation

 9.5 Overall Impression

 9.5 Licensed for Berlin-Brandenburg, Oldenburg , Hanoverian This exceptional moving young stallion has already started his winning ways. Paired with the talented young rider, Christian Flamm of Hessen, Quaterback galloped away from the competition at the Bundeschampionate in 2006. 

She's Magic HW is a highly talented dressage horse with three above average gaits. She is a horse with the attitude and ability for a huge dressage career. This is an outstanding opportunity to buy a mare destined for the "big ring". She is very elegant and a pleasing type as well as a good young dressage horse candidate of medium size with super fancy movement.

She is already at 2nd level, nicely on the aids, goes uphill and balanced and wants to please her rider every day.

She has a huge walk with a great over-stride and clear rhythm. In her trot, she shows a lot of push from the hind end with a swinging back. She also has excellent freedom in the shoulders. Her canter is big and she is an uphill horse with a strong and energetic hind leg and a super forward thinking mind without getting intimidating.

She is a horse for people whom want to go all the way to the top; even as her ride ability allows everybody to enjoy her. She is suited for the young rider, amateur and professional alike. The possibilities are endless for competitions, breeding now via embryo transfer or after a successful show career. She is truly one of a kind and has the ability to go all the way up the levels. Her gaits are breathtaking and she is as willing as it gets.

She's Magic HW is not marish and very easy to handle. She is sweet and cuddly and wants to be in your pockets all the time. She thrives for attention and enjoys one on one time with her person. She is a people oriented horse and whinnies if you come in the barn and says: "Me first…me first!" She is a real sweetheart and is happy to get any kind of attention. She is a horse everybody will fall in love with, a truly rare find and for sure a horse for a rider with huge goals.

Goes in the hot walker, loads, stands for the farrier, loves her solarium time and enjoys to get pampered all around. Easy on the ground and easy to ride. She will impress the judges and the onlookers alike and certainly be remembered by everybody.

The goal of HW Farm is, to offer highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. This young star will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top!

X-rays on file!

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