Dumbledore, Oldenburg gelding by Dormello x Campari M, born in 2002, standing approximately 17.1 hands.

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Dumbledore, what a cute name? It suits him, he is an attractive boy with very good gaits and he can be quite the clown in the barn. He is by the famous Dormello, a liver chestnut stallion whom will no longer be available for breeding, as he will be focused on his dressage career. The Oldenburg stallion Dormello is by Dream of Heidelberg I x Freiherr x Louvre. He was the Champion of the 1999 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing and has always been stationed at Stallion Station Ludwig Kathmann in Holtrup, Germany. Dormello was never actively competed, but at the beginning of 2006 he put down a remarkable performance under Oliver Oelrich at the national show in Sögel, Germany.

The liver chestnut caught the interest of the Berlin based French businessman Jacques Albeck, who purchased him soon after. Dormello will be trained to Grand Prix level under the supervision of Dolf Dietram Keller. Albeck aspires a place in the French team for the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing, China.

Dumbledore himself proves to be a true Dormello son. He has an expressive front leg and moves with a lot of schwung and rhythm. He is a willing partner and already shows the talent for piaffe and passage and for the higher levels of dressage. He is a prospect for the upper levels and will make an impression on the judges and onlookers alike. He just hovers over the ground with lofty steps and a good extended trot work. He collects nicely in the canter and tries to do his best every time out. His work ethic is great and he was ridden inside an out. He stayed calm and kept working in the out door arena next to bucking and cantering horses in the paddock right in his eye sight and he never missed a beat. As the videos were taken in the indoor arena for this site, other horses went wild, took off and Dumbledore still kept his positive attitude up and kept concentrating on his rider. We sold another Dormello son (Dormello HW) to the US in 2006 and he is actively competing and very successful doing so with his new owner.

Dumbledore will make you the proud owner of a horse with class and a good mind. He is at solid second level right now, training third level at this point with flying changes, traver work and pirouettes.

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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