Remember Me




Remember Me, gray Hanoverian gelding by Ramiroís Bube/Westwall in 1997, standing approximately 16.1 Ĺ hands.  

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Remember Me is a really nice and special boy. He can already look back to a successful show carrier, he placed and won several times at First and Second Level Dressage. As far as we can see, he is not maxed out and could go further up the levels if you wish and with the right training or he could be the perfect partner for a rider who wants to learn the basics in dressage and have fun at home as well as at the show grounds. He is able to carry a young rider or amateur rider through the tests and he is willing and sweet. Take him out to clinics and enjoy the journey, learn and improve your riding with a generous and pretty partner. His lateral work is easy for everybody and itís a pleasure to collect him in all gaits and to do the fun stuff of dressage. He is as easy in the snaffle as he is in the double bridle. He knows his flying changes and he is the type that was here, done that and not much can bother him.

 His owner does not have enough time and wants to sell him to a good home only.

Remember me is a horse for everybody alike and for sure a great addition to a show barn as he will collect ribbons for you with his great attitudes and judges will remember his color and fancy expression. He has good gaits and easily sits down and goes uphill for you. He can be ridden and shown by a professional if you want him to stay tuned up or go further up the levels and at the same time he is easy enough for an amateur at home as well as at the show grounds. He is a fun horse all around and for all disciplines. He stands quiet for the farrier, travels well and does not mind being at new barns. He loves his one on one grooming time with his owner and he is spoiled and loved and now searching a new mommy to take care of him and show him off. This is a bargain price for a horse confirmed at Third Level, you will not find much comparable to him. So donít wait, e-mail or call right away if you are interested in this boy and he can be on the next airplane to the US and be in your barn in absolutely no time.


  Vet checked with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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