Westbound, bay Hanoverian gelding by Westernhagen/Borneo, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.1 ĺ, nearly 16.2 hands.

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Westbound is a highly rideable youngster by the stallion Westernhagen. He shows himself well behaved in the barn as well as under his rider. He is fun every time out and a true gentleman. He is pretty and does have a good hindleg as well as a nice front leg movement and lofty uphill gaits. His temperament is suitable for amateurs and professionals as well. He knows walk, trot and canter and is waiting for his new partner to bring him up the levels and show him in the future. With more training, muscle and balance, this guy will be the star at the show grounds as well as at home. He is sweet and loves his one on one time with his handler and rider. He tries to please and is a great opportunity to buy good bloodlines, movement and temperament in one.

 He stands for the farrier, loads and tacks up quietly. Westbound could be the partner you are looking for and is very reasonably priced until further training and/or show experience will change the asking price. So act now and get him home while he is still very much affordable and have your own imported star in the barn. He would definitely also be worth to be going in professional hands for some more months and then make the transition to his new owner/rider when ever both of them are ready. This is a quality youngster with a bright future in proper hands, donít miss out!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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