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Dormello HW is a phenomenal moving FEI suitable Oldenburg gelding by Dormello/Sandro Hit, born in 2002 and standing 16,3 hands.

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Dormello HW is a very special FEI prospect and typical Sandro Hit type horse in movement and airtime. His dam line gave him so much Sandro Hit looks and movements, that you would think he is by him directly. His sire Dormello is a phenomenal stallion as well, competing very successfully and in 1999 he even bred Poetin, the most expensive auction horse of the history. This is proof of how important both of these sires are.

Dormello HW will blow everybody away with his freedom in the shoulders and a very strong motor and a super active hind leg. He is very well behaved, easy to ride and easily managed by anybody and will without a doubt, go all the way to the top. He is already balanced and can carry himself proudly. All lateral work is confirmed and he is a solid first level horse already, training all second level movements.

Take him to the FEI tests and make yourself a name!

He has tons of airtime and hang time, floats above the ground and is a teddy bear that loves to cuddle and have his own person to take care of him. He has the energy to do it all, he is relaxed enough to concentrate and please a timid rider AND has 100% the quality and GO for a professional too. He is sensible to the aids and so much fun to ride! I could ride 10 of this kind a day, easy, easy, easy!

With Dormello HW, there is no limit to any level, he will compete in the big ring and he will be a phenomenal and successful FEI horse. He is very elastic, athletic and a fast learner, he works with schwung and ease and is a fun horse for every day.

Dormello HW moves actually cat-likeÖ..itís just amazing to watch him go!

He has the perfect attitude and ability to do it all, he will be seen in the upper levels, collecting the blue ribbons, one after another. Can you imagine going to clinics with this one? The audience will be filled with envy and awe.

Recently vet checked, x-rayed, healthy and sound!

check out his video clips!!!


Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (


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