Divali, black Oldenburg mare by De Niro/Rubinstein, born in 2003, standing approximately 16.1 ½ hands.

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Divali is by the famous De Niro. Her sire is an extremely popular stallion in Germany due to his outstanding movements, extremely high rideability and beautiful type. His foals are consistently elegant, modern type, show excellent conformation as well as outstanding movement. His first foal crop got an overall note of 9 by the Oldenburg commission and based on the exceptional quality of his foals, he received the "Hauptpraemiensieger" (Main Premium Champion) award in 1997. From his first foal crop, four of his sons were licensed; one in Westphalia, one in Hannover, who was taken into the first lot by the State Stud Celle and two in Oldenburg, both of which were sold for very high prices to Sweden. As an 9 year old, he has 14 Approved sons. De Niro continues to produce high priced auction horses at Vechta and Verden. At the Elite Auction in Verden in April 2000, the colt Day Dream, by De Niro, was the top auction foal selling for DM45,000. In April of 2001, the two high priced foals were by De Niro and sold for DM41,000 and DM31,000. Of the 5 high priced foals, 4 were by De Niro. At Vechta, a De Niro filly sold for DM70.000,- . In 1999, De Niro won many dressage shows at the Fourth Level and has qualified more than once for the German "Bundeschampionate". Today, De Niro continues to advance in dressage while competing at the FEI levels. He has been winning at the Grand Prix Level since he was a 7 year old.
Divali's dam sire Fürst Heinrich and Holga Finken were on a parabola to success since winning their World Champion's title in Verden. Their victory in the 5-year old division at the 2003 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses, was a accumulative process. In the first qualifier he finished third with 8.70 and won the individual finals with 9.30. Fürst Heinrich's rider was the accomplished former auction rider Holga Finken. Following the Verden title, the black stallion Fürst Heinrich was proclaimed Westfalian of the Month August 2003.
The World Champion's title often creates a wake of success, just as it did with the Oldenburg stallion Sandro Hit, when he won the 1999 World Championships. Not only does such a title stimulate the sport career of a horse, but the breeding career gets an enormous boost due to the international visibility the stallion enjoyed in the press. Therefore, after Verden, Fürst Heinrich became Germany's favorite young dressage horse and breeding stallion. Fürst Heinrich is deceased, so there will not be many more of his bloodlines available in the future.

Divali is a super nice girl, learning really fast and already doing clean flying changes and she is only 5 years old! Can you imagine how fast she will be at PSG or further? She can go out and show Second Level or Third Level already and she will be a super asset to any breeding program now through embryo transfer or later, after a successful show carrier. She has super trot extensions, a free shoulder and uphill movement and she is fun to ride and to show off. Her lateral work is a blast and she wants to please her rider. Buy this girl now and take her out and show her to the judges and the audience, clinics should be a blast with her and she comes in the favourite dark coat which is so hard to find. So don't wait, or somebody else might snatch her up.

$ 65,000 - Including import and quarantine to NY, check out her video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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