Davidor, Hanoverian stallion by Davignon/Esprit, born in 2005, standing approximately 16.1 hands.  

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Already placed 2nd in a riding horse class!

Davidor, an outstanding stallion with everything you could wish for! Davidor is by the Pape stallion Davignon, a special class, main sire among their ranks. In the FN's estimated breeding value statistics and in the statistics of the Hanoverian Verband, Davignon ranks at the very top each year. He has won the Bundeschampionat and medium level tests and is now ready for Grand Prix. His sire, Donnerhall, was team World Champion and European Champion and of epoch-making significance in breeding. Both grandsires, Donnerwetter and Pik Bube, as well as Davignon's dam's brother have won advanced level dressage tests up to Grand Prix. But it's his off-spring that lend Davignon an international note. With meanwhile nearly 30 licensed sons throughout Europe, he also ranks at the top.

Davignon's off-spring are continuously named in Bundeschampionat decisions. Julia Werndl won individual silver and team gold at the European Championships for young riders on her just 7 year old Davignon daughter, Dutchess. In 2006 he again left his stamp in the finals at the Bundeschampionat and the young horse World Championships. At the Verden elite auction his son Darwin B was the highest priced dressage horse.

 Davignon Ė a guarantee for success, according to stallion station Papeís website.

Davidor himself was the best dressage stallion at his keuring out of 35 stallions. He will be 3 in June 2008 and is already going very nicely under saddle. He was ridden indoor and outdoor by the girl in the video and he is reliable and very well behaved, she truly loves him and canít wait to get on his back every day. He is easy to manage on the ground as well as under saddle and comes with great rideability, willingness to please and he is light in the hand and always on the bit. His trot work, especially his extended trot is phenomenal, his gaits are truly breathtaking and he is surely one of a kind. He has a good motor, free shoulder and much airtime and is fun to ride every time out. He will draw the attention to himself and his rider at the horse shows and judges and the audience will remember this guy no matter if you are competing or if youíll take him out to clinics and school him for his future carrier. He was started very correctly and early in life and as you can see in the video, he is easy enough for a young woman to ride even at his very young age. He loads, stands for the farrier and he is a gentleman all around. Here is your chance to buy a high quality stallion and bring him along all the way to Grand Prix!

Vetted with x-rays!

Please inquire for price!, check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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Winner Davidor (gold is winning ribbon in Germany!)

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