Conteur Junior




Conteur Junior by Conteur/Wandervogel was born in 2003 and is standing 16.2 hands.

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This bay Hanoverian stallion has it all! He is perfect for dressage, has lofty gaits and tons of airtime as well as sensational ride ability and he can jump the moon. He was recently at a stallion licensing and did not make it in the end round, the owners are thinking about representing him to another association as they are 100% sure that he has what it takes to be a licensed stallion.

If you are looking for a riding horse and to import him to the USA , you could have him gelded before he’ll travel and it would make import much easier.

This is a horse of a lifetime for the ambitious amateur rider or professional with no limits to the top.

Check him out, barely ever will you find such a quality horse. He is vetted by the famous Dr. Brunken and has proof of having class I x-rays and he will go to the Elite auction if not sold before. This will be one to get auctioned off for a ton of money, buy him now before he’ll be shown at the auction site.

 check out his video clip!!!

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Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (


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