Selina, dark bay Westphalian mare by Showstar (Sandro Hit Ė Feinbrand) / Polydor, born in 2002, standing 16.2 hands.

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This is a fancy Sandro Hit granddaughter and you will see, that he even stamps his grand children. She was recently accepted to participate at the Elite Auction, so she will not be around for long! She has a lot of go and forward movement, schwung and airtime to spare. She is only a short time under saddle and already safe and reliable in any situation. She still has her winter coat, so judge her fair if you look at her pictures and video clips. She was raised outside and is very healthy and well mannered.


Her rhythm is already well established and she wants to please her rider. She will be a great horse to go to the mare approvals with and ride now and breed through embryo transfer. With these bloodlines, the foals will sell in a heartbeat. I just sold my own Sandro Hit colt and he was not even for sale at the time! People are just e-mailing me and want to buy the offspring out of great bloodlines and especially if they come with super movement like this mare.


Selina will go all the way up the levels and has a lot of potential. She still needs to gain weight and muscles as well as she will fill out much more in the next months and years. She is very sweet, an in your pocket type horse. For sure, Elite mare quality, donít wait too long, or you will see her move for a lot of money at the Elite Auction other wise.


check out her video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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