March 7th, 2011:

EM Santina HW is now winning at 4th level with Jennifer Schrader-Williams in the saddle. They brought home a 3rd place at 4th level and won the other 4th level class. This is a super nice mare and so much fun to ride, huge congratulations and thanks to Jennifer, to bring her up the levels. Can’t wait to see them at Prix St. George, OR, EM Santina HW is for sale, you might want to show her yourself?

Check her out on the “for sale site”!


March 8th, 2010:


The American Hanoverian Society sends the medal for EM Santina HW, she is a true ELITE mare due to the birth of her super son Quickstep HW.

Santina continues to be a stunning mover and complete darling in her training and she is FOR SALE.


February 25th, 2009:

Elite mare Santina HW gave birth to a flashy colt!!!


Oh my gosh, we feel so lucky to have a new healthy foal on the ground! Here is the first picture of Quickstep HW, he is by Quarterback and out of Elite mare Santina HW (Sandro Hit/Lanthan), born February 24th, 2009. He is just 3 hours old in the picture, what a nice, correct, leggy boy and check out these markings! We could not have painted them any better! The birthing was uncomplicated and he could not wait to get up and walked around for hours. Quickstep HW is super friendly and a colt with strong hind legs which will enable him to push easily off the ground and to amaze us with his movement. EM Santina HW is a wonderful mom, she pampers this baby 24/7.


February 23rd, 2009:


Yeah, we just received the documentation and certificates from the AHS (American Hanoverian Society) for the new Elite mare candidates Hannahlea HW and Santina HW. How exciting is this! They two mares were presented at the tender age of only 3, just some weeks under saddle and were just outstanding. Good breeding shows, these girls are truly special!

Elite0001.jpg (1769413 bytes)

November 16th, 2008:

 The girls keep it coming! Always in the ribbons, including the BLUES! 

Gold Coast Dressage in Wellington, Florida, Fall Fling show, what an exciting and successful show:

Elite Candidate Santina HW, what a lovely, lovely horse and she was again a STAR! This was her second horse show in her young life and she collected her first blue ribbon with a score of over 71% in Training Level. In addition, she placed in her other class at Training Level, both tests were with young rider Vivienne Wiederhold on board. This horse is always in the ribbons! They rode in 4 different rings, including a covered riding arena, where the rain came (super loud noise) and went within their test and Santina kept her cool. She was acting like she has done it often before and was super sweet to handle all the time. The many other horses, trucks, trailers, tractors, water trucks, tents, nothing really bothered her. No lunging, no fuss, we just tacked her up in front of the stall, Vivienne hopped on and off they went to the show rings. Hard to believe that a 3 year old horse can be as confident and reliable and it is fun to see her mature and progress.


November 8th, 2008 :

Elite candidate Santina HW had a debut too. This was her very first horse show and our 17 year old daughter was in the saddle of this 3 year old sweet girl. With enough power and stamina to show off but super safe nonetheless, it was really fun to watch the two. They placed 2nd and 3rd in Training Level, congratulations to Vivienne Wiederhold for a job well done and thanks to Michelle for coaching and training them.


October 7th, 2008:

We are very proud to report, that Santina HW fulfilled all requirements to become a Hanoverian Elite Candidate. A huge thank you goes to all whom made it possible. To Vivienne Wiederhold whom rode her over the year and to Maya Sniadecky whom prepared her excellent for the mare performance test as well as for the mare inspection. Thanks go also out to all helpers and a really well organized inspection site in Ocala, Florida. Santina HW was super well behaved, being just 3 years old and started this year, she acted like a pro. She did everything she was asked for, including free jumping, showing in hand on the triangle and going under saddle for the performance test. She was a star, never blinked an eye and always focused on her rider/handler. What a mare! We have huge hopes for her future carrier. Maya also reported that Santina HW loved to hack out and go in the fields and that she had a ton of fun with her. She will be suitable for the amateur and professional alike, a super combination of bloodlines, looks and brains. Santina HW is out of a very strong damline and sired by Sandro Hit, her grand dam is also the dam of Donatella HW, another really sensational mare.

SantinaHW.jpg (148149 bytes) SantinaHWjump.jpg (101704 bytes)

The judges said: ”This is what everybody should be striving to breed!”

  Good breeding always shows.

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October 2006, pictures by

Congratulations to Santina HW’s full sister: She passed her mare performance test with a total score of 8,13 with 9 for rideability! This result is another mile stone in the strong foundation of our mares. Lanthana (Santina HW’s dam and Donatella HW’s granddam) has now produced 6 mare performance tested direct daughters with super scores and four out of the six had 8,0 or better! What a very strong dam line – wow!: 021.jpg (6719887 bytes) 022.jpg (8785633 bytes) 023.jpg (7889705 bytes) 025.jpg (8038046 bytes) 026.jpg (6986072 bytes) 027.jpg (6578186 bytes) 028.jpg (8398504 bytes) 029.jpg (6977145 bytes)


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