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Sundance HW, dark bay Hanoverian colt by Samarant (Sandro Hit/Brentano) out of EM Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer), born March 11th, 2007


April 10th, 2010:

South West Florida Dressage Show What a great day today. EM Donatella HW did us all proud - as usual - and collected another BLUE RIBBON at PSG. She is a super reliable FEI horse, competitive, fun to watch, ride, trustworthy and happy to please. She is for sale, more info about her on her sales site. Here is a snapshot from the horse show, EM Donatella HW and her son Sundance HW, he was born in 2007 and was with us to get a little more experience away from home. He was an angel, well behaved and my daughter had a blast working and riding him. EM Donatella HW is by Don Frederico/Weltmeyer/Lanthan and Sundance HW is her son, by Samarant (Sandro Hit/Brentano)

Vivienne and Sundance sharing a moment:

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Sundance HW, a stunning, sweet and outstanding stallion prospect with proven Champion bloodlines. His dam Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer) was Top Horse of the Day, Champion mare and Elite candidate at the Inspection in Florida , October 2005. She was the youngest mare to compete and just barley some months under saddle and the judges loved and praised her! With the birth of her first son Sundance HW, she is now an Elite mare. She kept competing while in foal and kept collecting more blue ribbons and championships with our then 15 year old daughter.

Her super ride ability, willingness and attitude, with power and still sane enough to be ridden by a teenager make her truly priceless. We are sure she was able to give all these wonderful genes to her first born.

Donatella HW stems out of a very successful and famous dam line, here is more info about it:

Hanoverian Elite-Auction of Foals and Broodmares:

With Euro 41.000 (approximately  US $ 55,000) the most expensive foal of the first auction day was Caracas by Carabas/Prince Thatch xx/Lanthan. His Lanthan grand dam is also the dam of Santina HW and the grand dam of Donatella HW. Pamina by Prince Thatch, is a half sister to Wachau and was bred by the same breeders as Donatella HW, Santina HW and Wachau. Huge congratulations to them!


An e-mail just delivered updates on Donatella HW’s half brother Sandokan. Only 6 years old and by Santini out of Donatella HW’s dam Wachau, he is winning one class after another. He is competing at S-level dressage already, equalling approximately 4th level, he qualified for international classes after only 3 shows. He won 3 out of 4 classes, but will have to wait until next year to compete internationally because of age limits, which are restricting him right now. The results speak for the high ride ability which come naturally with these bloodlines and genes. We can’t wait to start Santina HW under saddle in spring of 2008, as she is out of Sandokan and Donatella’s grand dam and just looks as promising as her entire family. 

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Congratulations to Santina HW’s full sister: She passed her mare performance test with a total score of 8,13 with 9 for rideability! This result is another mile stone in the strong foundation of our mares. Lanthana (Santina HW’s dam and Donatella HW’s granddam) has now produced 6 mare performance tested direct daughters with super scores and four out of the six had 8,0 or better! What a very strong dam line – wow!



In addition, Sundance HW’s sire Samarant was Hanoverian Vice-County Champion at the World Young Horse Championships in Verden and winner of the local Championships of Young Horses in Nienburg as well as successful finalist at the German Championships for Young Horses in Warendorf.  It states that he is an attractive, dynamic Sandro Hit son with three excellent gaits, the quality of which were confirmed at his stallion performance test where he was awarded top scores. You will be able to see a video clip of Samarant on our website under stallions.

Sundance HW has a nice and well set on stallion neck and look as well as the sweetest face possible. He has correct legs and an awesome shoulder angle which will enable him to move with a free shoulder and show off airtime and his fancy gaits. In addition, he is well angled behind and pushes himself upward with ease, sits down naturally and has a strong motor and a quick hind leg. His dams hind legs are the most naturally active ones you will ever see, he must have gotten that trade too! He has a powerful round butt and his conformation is just breathtaking. He is very elegant, refined and still a compact modern type. His personality is very sweet and he was recently weaned and is ready to go to a new home. If you are looking for a super stallion prospect or a really nice riding horse, he is your boy, don’t hesitate, or we may keep him for ourselves.


Please inquire for price, located in Florida , check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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And now, here is day 3 of the little boys fun, outside with his mom

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He is a Samarant (Sandro Hit/Brentano) colt out of our very successful and dearly loved EM Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer) and was born Sunday, March 11th, 2007, he is just some hours old in these pictures and his very first time out! He is a bay, leggy and refined colt and already running around and having fun. He already moves like he wants to compete with his mom and she has her “hands” full to keep him inside the fences and lined up. She was a maiden mare until this boy arrived and seems to love her job and she is pampering him all day, what a good girl. We could not be happier!!!  

A friend just e-mailed and evaluated the little boy, I thought it was so cute, had to put it up here:


AHH - now you can really see what a wonderful colt you've got - - - nice neck - well set on nice, long, straight legs nicely set on tail awesome shoulder angle eyes set far apart - kind - gentle - and intelligent expression short coupled nice big knees and hocks great looking feet for a baby, too and pretty, besides!

Bay is the "color of choice" for many!!

Looks to me as if he will be tall - yet elegant/refined - with super movement - and a personality - - if I am seeing these pictures correctly!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!! - - LOVE him - CONGRATS!!!!



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