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Hannahlea HW, jet black Hanoverian mare by Hohenstein/Rotspon/Weltmeyer/Matcho, born in 2005, standing approximately 16 hands.  

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June 2009:

Again, Hannahlea HW gave us many reasons to be proud of her. Blue ribbons and super scores at Training and First Level as well as a great performance in the young horse class! Super well behaved, easy and fun to ride. She is a star, no doubt about it. She was again awarded an 8 for gaits and won one of the tests with a huge score of 72.4%. She also won the High Point award for the show in her division.

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February 23rd, 2009:

Yeah, we just received the documentation and certificates from the AHS (American Hanoverian Society) for the new Elite mare candidates Hannahlea HW and Santina HW. How exciting is this! They two mares were presented at the tender age of only 3, just some weeks under saddle and were just outstanding. Good breeding shows, these girls are truly special!

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January 25th, 2009:

Hannahlea HW was at her first show in 2009. As usual, she was very successful and always in the ribbons, placing a 2nd and winning her First Level class, congratulations to Amanda Bailey, what a super safe and wonderful horse, way to go. She is for sale, price to go up with further training and success. This is an outstanding and experienced youngster.

October 8th, 2008:

Hannahlea HW was the Super Star at the Oklahoma Hanoverian (AHS) mare inspection and she won her mare performance test as well as the inspection itself and was declared CHAMPION MARE!

This is the 3rd horse imported by HW Farm whom can claim this valuable title within just 3 years!

She is a super lovely girl whom got lots and lots of 8s and the judges and the audience absolutely adored her. She was well behaved, showed off her super rideability, scoring an 8.5 (!!!!) and was even taped for the TV showing off her Champion ribbons. Amanda Bailey did an outstanding job to prepare her properly for this important day in a mares life in all disciplines. She showed outstanding in the jump chute, in hand as well as under saddle.

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A huge thank you to Amanda, you go girl!!!

They are a match made in heaven and wed love to see Amanda and Hannah in the future together as well, sadly Hannahlea HW is for sale as we cant keep them all and somebody else will be the lucky person to buy and show her as well as to breed her now or later. ET comes to mind with a mare like her, she is out of a super strong dam line and all her family is very successful.

What a day what a mare and yes, what did we say? Good breeding always shows!


September 15th, 2008:

Hannahlea HW was at the Kentucky Horse Park and proved to be one of a kind. Easy to handle, a total blast at the show grounds, Amanda Bailey (her rider) was able to just tack her up in front of the stall without lunging and ride her down to the many show rings without blinking an eye.  Many people commented on her rideability, looks and movement and that it is near unbelievable, that she is only a youngster. Unbothered by the heat, very strong winds and many more things like horses, people, dogs, tents, judges booths, cars, tractors, golf carts and more, she continued sure footed to win two of her classes as well as to secure a second and a third place all in one weekend! Huge congratulations, hugs and many thanks to Amanda and this super star!


Hannahlea HW, an imported black beauty! Her sire Hohenstein by Caprimond was a hit from the start as a breeding stallion. He has proven to be homozygotically dark coloured, with his progeny overwhelmingly inheriting his black colour (65%). His tally of approved sons has grown to 12 including the champion stallion Munchausen. Hohenstein was successful at the 2000 Federal Championships with four offspring qualifying and the vice champion Habitus who was later sold for 320,000 DM via the Verden auction. In 2000 at the Equilibra Auction at Towerlands Equestrian Centre, Essex , England the stallion High Fashion by Hohenstein was sold for 85,000 Pound or DM 280,000. According to Hoofs and Horns this was the highest price ever paid at a non-thoroughbred auction in England . The FN breeding values regularly list Hohenstein as a top procreator of dressage horses and this year he was ranked fourth. According to the Hanoverian Verband in 2000 he was the second best producer of dressage horses with an index of 183, the fifth best transmitter of type with a score of 161 and equal third on the breed values competition list with a score of 145%. In 1999 he was awarded the distinction of Elite Stallion by the Trakehner association due to his outstanding performance in both breeding and sport.

Hannahlea HWs dam is SPS Riverqueen O by Rotspon, out of SPS Wild Lady O, out of SPS Matchos Girl O. All of the damline is a continuation of SPS (Elite) mares, a strong indication of the outstanding quality and great foundation of this breeding. The O stands for the famous farm Ohmen, whom also produced the stallion White Star. Hannahlea HWs sire Rotspon is another top quality son of the dressage stallion Rubinstein I. He was the sovereign winner of the stallion performance test in 1998, scoring an excellent 148.82 points in the dressage category. Like his father, Rotspon is a very impressive horse with a great rideability, outstanding movements and a high ability for dressage. He also has a good jumping technique which is highly above average. He is an elegantly made sire in a noble black coat with a lot of expression and appearance. The first offspring of Rotspon were born in the year 2000. The foals have beautiful heads and a good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up neck). They are equipped with a very elastic trot and a ground covering walk, and have been very much in demand. 

The Hanoverian stallion of the year 1998 and stallion of the century Weltmeyer should not need much introduction. You can check out some of the details on his web site.

Hannahlea HWs sire Hohenstein is also the sire of our SPS High Princess, dam of the Oldenburg Licensing stallion Champion Selten HW - you can see, we love these bloodlines! 

Hannahlea HWs half brother by Don Frederico, out of her dam SPS River Queen O (Rotspon/Weltmeyer) just won the show in Beedenbostel and got accepted to go to the Elite-Foal Auction in Verden. This foal is a dream in type and movement, just like the Sir Donnerhall foal from last year, whom won the show in Wittingen. This is a fabulous bloodline and strong damline in addition to super stallions and a lucky and well educated hand by the breeder whom always picks the right matches.

Hannahlea HWs half brother qualified for the championships!!! He is by Sir Donnerhall out of Hannahlea HWs dam by Rotspon and he just won the foal show in Wittingen/Germany with a super score of 9,08! He got 2 x 10 for movement and a 9,5 out of 70 foals! He is now qualified for the winner foal Championat.

Hannahlea HW does not only have the bloodlines and famous family, she also has the looks and talent. She is an extremely typey and beautiful mare who looks just like her sire. She has three super gaits with a good motor, free shoulder and fancy front leg and wonderful swinging trot that floats over the ground. She is super willing and well behaved on the ground and under saddle. She was already trail ridden, trailered and is showing her outstanding character and temperament on a daily basis. She is not marish at all and a star all around. This girls disposition will make any amateur rider happy and her quality is high enough for professionals alike.

Hacks even out in the fields and through the woods confidently. She is a super nice girl, learning really fast and is as sweet as can be! Can you imagine how fast she will be at PSG or further? She can go out and show Training Level already and she will be a super asset to any breeding program now through embryo transfer or later, after a successful show career. With her free shoulder and uphill movement, she is fun to ride and to show off. Her daily work is a blast and she wants to please her rider and is a complete puppy dog in the barn. Buy this girl now and take her out and show her to the judges and the audience, clinics should be a blast with her, as well as every horse show. So dont wait, or somebody else might snatch her up.

Here are some comments from her trainer Amanda Baily:

This is far and away the easiest young horse I have ever worked with. She is ready for training level right now. Easy on the bit. Nice big suspended swinging trot. Relaxed walk with plenty of overstride. Her canter has good balance and an uphill tendency. Hannah is a dream to work with. Super reliable undersaddle and on the ground. Comes out happy and ready to work. Never mareish in her behavior. Learns quickly and eagerly. Really wants to please her person. She is very tuned into her rider/handler. She is confident in the arena and out in the open fields or in the woods. No spook, buck, rear, bolt or balk. As uncomplicated as they come. She has the potential to move all the way up the levels. Also a very good Young Horse candidate.

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Hannahlea Jumping Under Saddle from Brian Bailey on Vimeo.

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Hannahlea HW in Jump Chute from Amanda Bailey on Vimeo.

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EMC Hannahlea HW from Amanda Bailey on Vimeo.


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