Quickstep HW




May 2009:


Quickstep HW is now 3 months old, we took him out for a photo shoot. He is just breathtaking. He continues to be a super sweet boy and he is fascinating to watch. Really elastic and a super mover.

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And here he is shedding out super rich liver/chocolate chestnut, he looks nearly black – wow, what a color! 

Excuse the picture quality….camera phone, we were in a hurry like usually! lol

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Here is the boy, one week old:

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February 25th, 2009:


Oh my gosh, we feel so lucky to have a new healthy foal on the ground! Here is the first picture of Quickstep HW, he is by Quarterback and out of Elite mare Santina HW (Sandro Hit/Lanthan), born February 24th, 2009. He is just 3 hours old in the picture, what a nice, correct, leggy boy and check out these markings! We could not have painted them any better! The birthing was uncomplicated and he could not wait to get up and walked around for hours. Quickstep HW is super friendly and a colt with strong hind legs which will enable him to push easily off the ground and to amaze us with his movement.


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