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No Limit, a brown Westphalian stallion (can be imported as a gelding too!) by Nantano x Durello, born in 2003, standing 14.2 hands.

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No Limit is a flashy and fancy show stopper with super attitude, scored a phenomenal 10 in free jumping at his licensing, it cant’ get better than that!

 He is just a beautiful and extravagant licensed pony stallion. Being shown and competing against other ponies and getting licensed is a guarantee for outstanding quality and character.

He has no limit to the height he can jump, and lives up to his name. He is light as a feather and nothing is ever too much for him. He has super gaits and is friendly with children. He is kid safe under saddle as well as in the barn. He does not have any stallion attitudes, except for looking like one.

He is very advanced for his age, easy in hand and under saddle, and can already jump whole courses. He comes with great nerves and will be an ideal pony for every child or small adult. He is also very good for breeding because he inherited the best pony bloodlines via Nantano and Durello. He can be gelded before import if you’d rather have a gelding. This is an opportunity to buy one of the fanciest ponies around, judges and the crowd will notice and remember you or your kiddo. What an opportunity! Wow!


  check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (  

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