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Rusty is a 16.0 hand, 6 year old, chestnut Thoroughbred with bottomless enthusiasm for work.  Thoroughbreds have an incredible desire to work hard for their rider, and this guy is no exception. Rusty works equally as hard from the beginning of the session until the very end. His tireless work ethic has made his progress in dressage quite fast. He will soon be ready for all of Training level plus he is leg-yielding and learning to canter from the walk. He has also been jumped both free and under saddle although most of his work has been in dressage.

       Rusty bathes, loads, clips, stands perfectly for the vet and blacksmith, and loves his daily carrots! He gets along well with others in the pasture and has no vices of any sort.

       This fellow is sound with no blemishes and is ready to further his career with his new owner. This nice guy could be your next dressage mount, jumper, or even eventer!


You can be the proud owner of an Elite German Riding Pony. Video available, serious inquiries only please. 



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