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This Oldenburger by Lavaro/Domspatz/Ferdinand is a once in a lifetime horse. "Le Bob" has always been privately owned and well taken care of. His present owners purchased him as a 4 year old and he and his junior rider Mona made it all the way up from equitation classes up to M level in dressage.
Le Bob has always been competitive but not overused. His show record includes young horses classes judged for confirmation and basic gaits/style in both dressage and jumping as well as many amateur class placings before Mona and Le Bob moved up the levels in dressage. As a result this horse has years of correct training in the place. He is confirmed at 4th level and has been successful up to M/B level in Germany. Just recently Le Bob ended up 10th in the junior dressage department at the big show circuit of Münster that was held on M/A level. Mona has always ridden him herself and was constantly guided by renown trainers from the ground leading to a well trained athlete and competitive team.
'Serial changes' should be his second name :) He is save to hack, has a great jump in him on top of anything else and is a real partner in the show ring that has tons of mileage and experience, plus an absolutely amateur safe mind along with a fresh physique that will grant you many more years of companionship and success in the sport.
Mona sadly offers him for sale as she has outgrown him and wants to move up to S level on a taller horse that better suits her new adult physique. Obviously a future loving long term home is obligate for Le Bob's present owners.
If you are a junior or adult amateur dressage rider and can offer a lifetime position for this very special horse-personality Le Bob will not disappoint you. He never overreacts and as a result of his yearlong correct training he is capable of showing you the right way up the levels.
Bob has always been sound leaving aside one or two coughs that have been treated properly and completely healed.
Hurry on this one, he won't stay around for long!

He was born in 1994, is 16,0 1/2 tall, dark bay and very quiet.

You'll be the winner of all dressage shows in the future. Video available, for the seriously interested mom or dad of Le Bob.

Please contact Irene: HWRanch@HW-web.net


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