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Rockín Roll, bay Westphalian gelding by Rockwell/Ferragamo, born in 2003, standing 16.2 hands.

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Here is an elegant and great moving youngster, already proven to win and place in the show ring. Rockín Roll is equipped with all the bells and whistles. He won a dressage horse class and was three times on second place already, always in the ribbons, this one is to watch out for. He was at the stallion licensing but as so many others, did not make it and will now go his way as dressage gelding instead of being a stud.

He is safe and sane and suitable for the amateur as well as for the professional rider. He will be the star in the FEI classes and judges will remember him.  Rockín Roll is sweet, easy to handle, light in the bit and great off your leg, forward without being hot.

His trot extensions are already breath taking and remember, this boy is only three years old! He is a quick study, stands quiet for the farrier, loads, baths and waits patiently to get tacked up. As we made the video clips, the owners brought him with the trailer to a strange never seen place for him, unloaded, tied him to the trailer, tacked him up, got on (without lunging!!!) and started riding him all over the place. He took it like a champ and like itís his daily workout anyhow.

So here is the perfect horse, a complete non brainer even at his very young age. Be sure to inquire about him fast, he will not last, thatís for sure.

Rockí n Roll is vetted with x-rays.


check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

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