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Quattro’s Son is a phenomenal moving Hanoverian gelding by Quattro/World Cup II, born in 2003 and standing approximately 16.2 hands.

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Quattro’s Son is a very nice FEI prospect with good bloodlines. He is willing to work and he is easy to sit and ride, light in the bridle and already very safe. This gelding comes with good gaits, brains, character and is the total package.

Quattro’s Son has an excellent motor, active hind leg and free shoulder with a good amount of hang time. He loves to please his handler and rider, to learn new things is his hobby. He is all concentrated on his work in the dressage arena and with his quick hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him. You will be the star in the FEI classes and at clinics – no doubt about it!

He was professionally started and trained and you can continue up the levels with him, no vices at all. He was out on trails and behaves just great. He stands for the farrier, loads and loves grooming time. Quattro’s Son is as sweet as a puppy dog, but with the attitude of a real gentleman. E-mail or call if you have more questions.

Recently vet checked, x-rayed, healthy and sound!

check out his video clips!!!


Please contact Irene:  HWfarm@swfla.rr.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)

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