Lover Boy




Lover Boy, bay Westphalian gelding by Laudatus (Laudanus XX) / Pablo/Argentinus, born in 2002, standing approximately 16.2 hands.


Phenomenal FEI horse, confirmed 2nd level, training 3rd including flying changes and winning his classes already!

Lover Boy will steal your heart in an instant. He is so sweet and elegant, it’s hard to believe that he is just at the beginning of his long carrier.  He is very easy to ride and has phenomenal, world class movement.  

His character is perfect as well as his conformation. This gentleman is a charmer that is far advanced for his age. He is on the fast track to go up the levels with an even keeled temperament and an ability to learn very fast. Lover Boy is already doing solid counter canter and his traver and lateral work is sensational. He does flying changes and will be in a double bridle soon. To be at second level in this age is just great and a guarantee to have a sensational work ethic.

 He loves to have his daily turn out in a grassy pasture and he is quite playful, it’s really fun to watch him. Lover Boy has a lot of airtime and he is very easy and soft to sit. He just moves the rider along with a nicely swinging back. He is looking forward to his daily training sessions and if his owner shows up with the tack for his work, he even knickers and is happy to get going.

Lover Boy is a horse that is fun to ride and with his super movement, ability to collect and willingness to work, he will also enable the timid rider to go up all the way in dressage. He has the perfect mixture of nerves, temperament and character to do it all. This is also thanks to his bloodlines on the sires site. With his super active hind end and harmonic and rhythmic tact and schwung, he will easily do piaffe and passage.

As for his show record, he is born to be a FEI horse! Under his FN name Legolas, he won two dressage horse classes at First Level with his highest score being a whopping 8.5! He was placed second behind the Bundeschampion of the stallions of 2005, the famous “Showmaker”. Lover Boy has collected multiple ribbons at second places right after licensed and approved stallions. I’m telling you, this is one to watch out for and he will continue his way up the levels with ease.

This is your opportunity to buy a horse for the “big classes and tours”, Championships and International competitions. Ride yourself or help a trainer to get recognized with such an exquisite animal.

Lover boy would also be suitable as a jumpers or 3 day eventer as he carries the  bloodlines of the famous Laudanum xx. This stallion is popular as one of the best private  TB blood  sires. Mother site carries Pablo (Pilot) – Argentinus. This is self-explanatory, that he has all it takes for the big success. He is a horse that you will fall in love with and he will warm your heart if he’ll call you as you arrive at his stall. He can be the smallest pet you can think of if he wants to crawl in your pockets and he can be your big hero and will show off what he has to offer.

FEI – here we are!

 check out his video clips!!! 

Recently vet checked with clean x-rays, healthy and sound!


Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (  

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