Daylight, bay Oldenburg gelding by De Niro/Kastilliano, born in 2000 and standing approximately 17.1 hands

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Daylight is the perfect horse for the taller rider or leggy rider. He is very elegant with a definite show stopper attitude and look. He was started carefully and slowly due to his size.

 This gelding has good movement and is confirmed at 2nd level as well as he is ready to show 3rd.  He was shown successfully and he behaves well at the show grounds. He loads, trailers and is at home at new barns, no problems at all. He has a good character, work ethic and in your pocket personality. This one does even have show experience and he will be able to collect ribbons with you in the future. He will be fun at clinics! His pedigree is great, going back to De Niro (Donnerhall) and other very successful stallions. This wonderful boy will be remembered by the judges and continue to go up the levels or he can teach you the ropes if you are just starting with dressage. He could be your next schoolmaster and the help you’ll need to get going. He is easy to ride and convenient to sit by everybody and well behaved with an even keeled temperament and a pleasant ride ability with a soft mouth and easy on the bit. A weak rider may need side reins or help reins of some kinds to keep him round enough, but for an experienced rider, he is really easy to collect and to get round. His flying changes are established, uphill and confirmed and he will be the perfect dressage partner for you. Daylight is a true gentleman in the barn and under saddle, if you are searching a horse to go out and compete right away, this is your boy.

 Vetted with good result!

 check out his video clips!!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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