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Letís Dance HW is a dark bay Hanoverian gelding by Lancier (Lauries Crusador/Wendekreis)/Matrose (Marcio/Arthos), born in 2003 and is 16.2 hands.  

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This is a FEI youngster with the famous L-line movement!

Letís Dance is an imported very elegant and safe youngster. All his fancy chrome is a guarantee to catch the attention from on lookers. His free shoulder and a super motor will make you feel like you are riding on clouds. He will be your next FEI competitor and best friend at the same time.

With his willingness to work and lofty movement, he will climb up the levels in a short amount of time and with no difficulty. Letís Dance HW is a super example of the elasticity that Lauries Crusador (Hanoverian stallion of the year 2006!!!) gives to his offspring.  Lauries Crusadorís son Le Bo is very successful under Carola Koppelmann and is one of the most convincing Hanoverian youngsters.

 Letís Dance HW is a super recommendation for the dressage arena and a very dynamic mover. The way he is built enables him to have an unbelievable extended trot and a very uphill canter. He has a positive work attitude and is in great condition. He has a shiny coat, and is fit and healthy. With his stamina, I can recommend him for much more than dressage if desired. He has the courage of a lion and could do eventing with you as well. At the same time he is the best partner you could ever dream of. He is cute, nosy, and cuddly. He can also be ridden by a timid or young rider. He is light & steady in the bit and forward without being hot.  

Letís Dance is a true family horse, everybody can ride!


Recently vet checked with clean x-rays, healthy and sound!

check out his video clips!!!


Please contact Irene: 1stRealty@swfla.rr.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)  

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