Hudson , dark bay Hanoverian gelding by His Highness (Hohenstein/Donnerhall) x Walt Disney, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.2 hands.

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At his first outing he was the sovereign winner of a riding horse class with a score of 8.33!

Hudson is a very rare find, especially his looks, ride ability and show success make him a special horse. His sire His Highness was the unchallenged winner of the Hanoverian licensing in 2002 and was sold for the price record of 515,000 € to Leatherdale Farms/USA. Since that time, he has confirmed his reputation as an exceptional stallion. Despite his high demand as breeding stallion, he started his career as show dressage horse under the training of Klaus Balkenhol. In 2005, His Highness won several riding horse performance tests and later dressage performance tests up to elementary level and was placed ninth in the final of the Federal Championships of five- year old dressage horses. At the Danish licensing in 2005, he was proclaimed champion of the five-year-old dressage stallions. He was champion at his stallion performance test in Prussendorf in 2003, receiving a total score of 149.24. His outstanding quality was rewarded with the dressage index of 155.04, the highest score in this class. His Highness also knows how to please with his progeny: many offspring from his first two foal crops were chosen for the Verden auction program and were awarded champions at many breeding shows.

His Highness (sire of Hudson )

Inspection and Show Results of His Highness

2002 - Winner of the Hanoverian stallion licensing
2003 - Champion at Prussendorf stallion performance test; total score of 149.24, dressage 155.04 and 106.67 jumping with 9's and 10 for rideability.
2005 - finalist,Bundeschampionate, 5yr Dressage Horses
2005 Danish Licensing Champion, 4yr. Dressage Stallions
2006 Bundeschampionate finalist 6 yr old dressage


His Highness and Klaus Balkenhol

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Hudson himself is a horse with excellent type, quality and character. He is a charming as well as good looking gentleman. At his first outing he was the sovereign winner of a riding horse class with a score of 8.33! He is a dream to train no matter which movements you want to work on and he is a pleasure for his rider every day with his pleasant attitude and sweet behaviour. He is a fast learner and his education was brought on to him by an amateur rider. He has a special talent to collect, which will enable him to learn even the most difficult lections with ease. He has the talent for piaffe and passage and comes equipped with outstanding schwung.

 This horse has a free shoulder and an electric hind leg, a solid foundation for an uphill horse with expressive gaits. He is suitable for the big dressage ring in the right hands. His markings are flashy and he has enough chrome to draw the attention to him. With his athletic built, he is suitable for all kinds of disciplines, pick yours and take him out to shows and clinics. He was already jumped under saddle and enjoyed that as well as he loves to be a dressage horse. He could be an excellent hunter as well. He is very much loved by his owner and a caring home is a must. Hudson is ready for 2nd level, with solid lateral work and counter canter in place.

He is a young star who will let your dreams come true with correct training and further education. He is now waiting for more horse shows with his new mom or dad, he is ready to show the world what he is made of. Take him out to clinics and show him off, you can be sure to be recognized, remembered and commented on. He is what you were looking for all along. This boy is super smart, “très chique” and something very special.


His exterior as well as his interior could not be any better for his young age. He knows how to be cross tied, travel/trailer, he loves to get a shower and his time in the solarium. He is an uncomplicated and all around dream horse for the amateur as well as the professional. Hudson loves to be in your pockets and thrives for attention. He is easy to collect, light in the bit and in the hand as well as easy off the leg without being hot. Here is your dream boy, this guy has it all!


  Vet checked with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)  

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