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Systematic breeding efforts in the region of the former duchy of Oldenburg can be traced back to the sixteenth century. The transformation of the breed from the heavy warmblood to today's riding horse began in the 1960ies. The utilization of the thoroughbred stallion Adonis xx ushered in the epochal development of Oldenburg sports horse breeding in 1959. The well-directed assignment of further thoroughbreds, Selle Francais, French Anglo-Arabians, Hanoverians, Trakehners and in recent times also Holsteiners, enabled the rapid transition to a riding horse that is world renown in the riding sport today to be achieved.


1999 were 9.386 mares entered in the mare books and 236 studs. Auction place and headquarter are in Vechta; the licensing is done in Oldenburg and the Elitemareshow will be held in Rastede.


The Oldenburg horse of today conforms overwhelmingly to the breeding goal description of the "German Riding Horse" which is strongly influenced by the Hanoverian horse. Oldenburgers are to be found in all the disciplines of top performance riding sports as a result of performance orientated breeding programms.

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