Jellystone Class, or Yogi as he is affectionately called, is a 1996 chestnut 16.1 TBX gelding that has been accepted into the AWS registry.  He is also eligible for branding.
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This steady fellow is a loyal and trusty dressage partner. He been competed through 2nd level. Last year, he placed third at the Region 3 Championships at 1st level with his junior rider. He was a perfect gentleman in his first awards ceremony at the Championships although his rider was a nervous wreck! He is reliable at the horse shows and behaves wonderfully in new circumstances.

With gaits that are comfortable to sit and his ease in the bridle, this guy would be the perfect lower level teacher for either another junior or an adult amateur.

Yogi's manners are impeccable. He clips, bathes, loads, and stands perfectly for the vet and blacksmith. He loves special attention and always has a special nicker when his person arrives to see him in the barn.

Yogi has given his current rider a wonderful start in her dressage future. He is ready to do the same for another willing partner.

UPDATE: This super schoolmaster competed all season at 2nd level where he won many of his classes with scores in the low and mid 60s. He was also the Second Level Champion with her for SWFDA. It is such a testament to his attitude that he consistently carries his junior rider to blue ribbons in nearly every circumstance.

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