Welshanti, chestnut Hanoverian mare by Welser/Gelria, born in 2002

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Welshanti is a sensational mover with a very good performance test and a super inspection result. This mare will for sure make her way up the levels with a very active hind leg and a flashy front let with lots and lots of freedom in the shoulder.


Welshanti is a very beautiful, with unbelievable elegance and way above average gaits. She is under saddle since she was 3 and very willing to learn and her ride ability is the best. She is in professional training and will go all the way up the levels and is a definite FEI prospect. She is a States Premium Candidate (SPA = Staats Prämien Anwärterin) and will only need a foal to fulfill the last requirement to be a States Premium mare.


She combines the phenomenal bloodlines of Welser and Gelria! Rider her now and breed her later or do an embryo transfer with her and enjoy both worlds at once.


check out her video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene: 1stRealty@swfla.rr.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)

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