Donicello, bay Trakehner gelding by Sir Shosterkovich x Oglio xx/Habicht, born in 2000, standing 17.1 hands.

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Donicello is the perfect horse for all kinds of disciplines. He will go his way in dressage AND in jumping (or even hunting??), he could easily do 3 day eventing and be as happy as can be. He has a phenomenal technique with his front legs a great motor and he moves very flashy and impressive for judges, a definite magnet to the crowd.

He is easy to sit and ride, very cute in the barn, an in your pocket type horse with a lot of forward movement and always safe. His transistions are great and he is light in the bit. Donicello is willing to please and jumping is real fun for him. He is a solid second level horse, training third already. He is a horse for a sensible rider, but safe enough for an amateur as well. He is a forward moving horse without the trouble of down transitions. What a joy!!!

Recent vet check, super x-rays, healthy and sound!!!

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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