Romancero HW




Romancero HW, a black Westphalian gelding by Rosenkönig, born in 2003, and is approximately 16.2 hands

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Absolutely stunning and breathtaking FEI candidate!

Romancero HW is a picture perfect horse, you could not paint him any better – he is as perfect as a horse can be! He is sired by the famous Rosenkönig from Rubinstein and his genes will enable him to be a successful competitor in the show rings. Romancero HW knows how to set himself in the picture and he is as proud as a black swan – look at this stallion neck!!! - and the absolute fulfilling of all dreams a rider could have. Beautiful, elegant and able to go up all the levels in no time, the ribbons will be his. This is a once in a lifetime horse!

His temperament is exactly the way we like it, lots of positive energy, channelled in the right direction, enabling him to do a sensational piaffe and passage later on in life. He is at First Level right now and improving quickly. There will be no prettier horse at the show grounds as this one. Take him to clinics and show him off, you can be assured to make an impression and the judges will remember him. Pretty is what pretty does? Ok, than look at his video clips and pictures. His trainer is in love with him and can’t wait to ride him every day. His hind leg is as active as it could be in his young age, he has a super strong motor and push from behind, combined with a free shoulder and airtime combined with his lofty gaits. He is called “sugar mouth” in the barn in Germany because they all love his sweet behaviour and are blown away by his little chiselled head. “Black Beauty” would be another name that suits him, everybody will envy you with a horse like him. His gaits are phenomenal with lots of schwung and a super ride ability and willingness to please. He is curious to learn and do new things, feels happy and lucky to go to the free jumping chute and wants to be entertained by his people.

Romancero HW will develop VERY nicely and is for sure a future FEI candidate. He is a charmer that will steal your heart in no time. His nerves are great and he is not spooky, and doesn't have any vices. He loves to work and wants to please. He loads, baths and stands quiet for the farrier. He is the horse you have dreamed about all your life, get him now!

Vet checked with class I x-rays, super flexion tests, healthy and sound!  

   check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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