Fürstentanz, bay Hanoverian stallion by Fürstenreich/Warkant, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.1 hands – still growing!

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Wow, to see a three year old moving like this one is very rare, he is the famous Fürstenreich (Florestan) / Warkant and he leaves no wishes open. He just qualified for the Campionat in Nörten Hardenberg and he is of proven quality. Already out there and competing like a much older horse, well behaved and fun to ride. His airtime is spectacular are his extensions. This is one for the big ring and international competitions, your FEI horse par excellence, the gaits, looks and brain to match for all the way up. He shows off even more at shows, the video was done in brutal heat for German circumstances and even then he is more impressive than anything I’ve seen in a long time. He holds his free shoulder under saddle, a good motor and three very good and clean gaits.

Fürstentanz will impress the judges and draw the attention to him at the showgrounds and clinics, he is just really one of a kind and a true ladies horse. In addition to being sensational all around, he is a real partner, sweet and cuddly and thrives for attention. He loads, washes and stands quiet to get tacked up. He is in daily training and learning really fast, the way he gets all in his head and can remember and show it off, he will be at the highest levels in a short time. This is a special horse for a special person – searching the one in a million. His price is subject to change with more training and his results from the Championships, so move fast if he is the one for you. He is an ideal horse for the US market, good size, color and best gaits and attitude.

Vetted with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene:  Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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