Lauralyn, dark bay mare by Lehnbach/Istvan/Kronprinz, born in 1998, standing approximately 16.3 hands.

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Lauralyn is a proven dressage horse and trained up to 3rd level. Flying changes and lateral work come very easy to her. She is not for the timid rider and has a good amount of energy. She loves to work, work, work and loves to go. She would also suit a 3 day eventer, all this energy would make the 3 days a blast! She has a super character and wants to please. She knows her figures and does them in her sleep. She will keep going up the levels with the right rider/trainer combination and her gaits are definitely above average. She will suit a demanding/good amateur or a professional rider and you can either ride her now and breed her later or do an embryo transfer with her and enjoy both worlds at once.


Her price is incredibly low including import AND quarantine due to owners wish to sell her fast. Here is your girl, well behaved and stunning to look at.


check out her video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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