Aber Hallo




This imported 1999 Hanoverian by Acorado is drop dead gorgeous. Standing 17.2, this bay beauty will surely catch the eye of every judge that sees him.  Plus, his darling face will be there in the barn to greet you everyday as you arrive to ride.

       With his elastic gaits and uphill build, he is headed to the FEI ranks for sure. While cantering, this boy uses every joint in his hind leg naturally. He is also the perfect balance between sensible and sensitive when working. Aber-Hallo has been shown both training and first levels with scores in the upper 60s and low 70s not to mention getting qualifying scores for the Regional Championships in the Open division.

He was also the High Point Champion at his first two shows with many 8s on his tests for that fabulous canter.

       Buy now while his career is just beginning...or you will be forced to watch from the sidelines as he rockets up the levels!


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