Amicelli, chestnut Hanoverian gelding by Akatschi, born 1999.


This is a horse of a lifetime. No matter if ridden in a snaffle or double bridle, he will make it easy for you to get the blue ribbons. He is ridden by his 18 year old owner and stands 16.3 hands. Due to time issues, she canít keep him and is offering him for sale only to an approved home, preferred show home. He is suitable for the amateur as well as for the professional rider. He is a solid second level horse and ready to learn his flying changes.


Counter canter is confirmed, lateral work a blast and he is very soft in your hands. Recently, he learned to jump and has fun doing it. He is very affectionate, an in your pocket type horse that needs his special mom or dad to pamper him. You can ride him back from the paddock in just the halter and he is happy to please you and to follow you around, even without a halter or lead rope.


Amicelli has clean x-rays and is a very healthy fellow. His sire Akatschi scored a total of 124.23 in his stallion approval and had a dressage index of 135.22. He is successful all the way up to Grand Prix and was imported to the USA . Amicellis mother line goes back to the famous Eichendorff which passed his stallion approval with a total index of 120.82. You can check out a video clip on this web site and he is priced including import to NY (can also get imported to CA or anywhere else!).


  check out his video clip!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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