Easy to Spot




A unique dressage horse:

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Born in 1991, this is the horse you'll love to have around your kids or yourself. 15,3 hands tall, he is trained to do all kinds of tricks, he can say yes and no, counts and bows and much more and is the safest horse ever. We bought him four years ago for our than 9 year old daughter and they went up through the levels, scored often high points and always had blue ribbons, from Intro all the way to First Level. Easy to Spot was Training Level Champion, high Point champion and team award champion of 2003 as well as Intro Champion of 2002 and he is a great guy in all aspects.


We sadly offer him for sale, as his owner Vivienne has outgrown him now by her size and by her talent and it is time for her to let him train somebody else. Hopefully, we'll find a child or an adult amateur who wants to gain confidence and who can appreciate this wonderful horse as much as we do. Easy is in daily training and we have a video available. He loads, baths and clips, stands for the farrier and is easy to handle for everybody. Safe on show grounds and a life insurance for every body. 


Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com



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