Luke is a pinto gelding, born in 1997, standing 17 hands.


Luke has won and placed OVER 50 times all the way up to third level already!

He is sure to blow you away with his stunning and extra ordinary look and movement!

This is a truly one of a kind, colored upper level dressage horse. He won Second and Third in series and is now training Forth Level. His flying changes are superb, and he is easy to sit and also a doll to handle in the barn. Luke is suitable for junior or amateur riders and will draw attention to him guaranteed! He will keep collecting ribbons and is the perfect schoolmaster for his next mom or dad.  

As a proven show horse, this is your chance to get in to the game at a sensational price with a phenomenal mover and will be able to collect your own blue ribbons or take him out to clinics and get the Ohs and Ahs from the audience. He has nerves made out of steel and will carry you happily around the show grounds and impress the judges every time.


check out his video clips!!! 

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