Fandango, bay Hanoverian gelding by Frenchman ( Falkland x Weltmeyer) x Wolkenstein II, born in 2002, standing 17.2 hands.

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Fandango is the perfect horse for the taller rider or leggy rider. He is very elegant with a definite show stopper attitude and look. He was started carefully and slowly due to his size.


This geldings movements are above average and can get much more improved with proper training, more muscles and consistent exercise. He was shown and placed very high in dressage horse classes. So this one does even have show experience and he will continue to collect ribbons with you in the future. His pedigree is the finest, going back to Weltmeyer and other very successful stallions and he is out of a wonderful damline. This wonderful boy will be remembered by the judges and continue all the way up, also very suitable for the FEI classes!


He was recently vetted, healthy and sound with clean x-rays!


check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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new Clips from 06/10/06

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