Danilo  is a black Hanoverian gelding by De Niro x Graf Sponeck, born in 2000, standing 16.3 hands

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Danilo  is the American dream: A stunning and elegant, really impressive black dressage crack with a phenomenal pedigree and definite FEI quality. He has lofty gaits, is easy to sit and really impressive in the dressage arena. He is light in the bridle and everybody can enjoy him. He has an active hind leg and a free shoulder, with plenty of airtime in the trot and canter, combined with a super walk. This is a FEI horse for sure! He is safe, non spooky and very talented to go all the way up the levels. He is sweet in the barn, very well behaved for the farrier and his groom and does what ever you ask him to do. He loads and baths and loves to be pampered.

Danilo  is a solid second level horse training all third level movements. He is competing with super quality horses in Germany right now and he is always in the ribbons. The show grounds are his home and he is learning really fast. Take this boy out to shows or clinics and be sure to be noticed! Danilo  is the type of horse that you will see, sit on and want to ride and you’ll say: “YES, this is my boy”. They don’t come any better and more elegant than him, he is the total package, make sure to e-mail or call me right away, this boy will move fast.

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:1stRealty@swfla.rr.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)


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