Comte, Hanoverian gelding by Competent/Sokrates, born in 2005, standing approximately 16.2 hands.  

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Comte, a high quality gelding by the famous stallion Competent. Competent is a real "jack of all trades". Highly elastic in the three basic gaits. Added to that, an astonishing manner of locomotion via leaps and bounds. He absolved the 2000 stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse as one of the best stallions of an age class numbering 51 contenders, in Performance class I. He was especially brilliant in jumping, in which he attained the highest of scores. Competent is the first of meanwhile several approved sons of the highly esteemed Compliment and along with Glückspilz, Graphit and Gotthard, carries an agglomeration of the G-blood on the maternal side of the pedigree, which is so invaluable for Hanoverian horse breeding. Earlier generations of his ancestry include the East Prussian impressed stallions Landherr and Keith, who were very popular sires of riding horses in their day. The dam Gescha produced the one year younger approved full-brother Campo Grande who is being used as a stud horse in Hessia and Baden-Württemberg in the same mating combination. The highly valued Moritzburg state stallion Accuse is also closely related. The dam-line is identical in origin with that of the renown stallions Sigesmund (private stallion Oldenburg) and Wulf (Celle state stallion). It is anticipated that Competent will pass on his great predisposition for sport and his brilliant type to his progeny. The stallion Christ from Gestüt Sprehe is also sired by Competent and he was the reserve Champion of the Hanoverian Keuring in 2007.

  Stallion Competent, Comte's sire

Comte himself is swinging fluently through his back and is relaxed enough to let you sit his huge gaits. He is a special horse, no doubt about it. He is forward but not hot and always elastic and easy to ride. His gaits are way above average, his strong and rhythmic walk is the best base to build his future carrier on. His trot is expressive, his extensions breathtaking (remember how young he is!) and his canter is nice, round and uphill with a good motor. This one is a true GP and FEI prospect. Suitable for an amateur but definitely with the quality for a professional alike. Ridden by the girl in the video, he is fun every time out and a true partner at the same time. He is sweet in the barn and easy to handle. He stands for the farrier, loads and is behaving like a star. He will be a fun at horse shows and clinics alike and you can collect the ribbons with him and take him up the levels. His price is subject to change with more training and/or ribbons as soon as the show season in Germany will open up!

Vetted with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!!

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