Super fancy black Florestan son - approved Westphalen Florestan-

Der Clou - Perlkönig I

Born in 1998 and standing 17.1 ˝ hands.


This handsome and  charming stallion is sired by the most sought after Westfalian sire of today, Florestan.

       With many desirable assets such as incredible presence, exceptional rideability, and unbelievable talent for collected work, this young stallion promises to continue the excellence of his heritage.

       This rare opportunity to buy a top notch breeding stallion at such a tender, young age is one that should not be passed up. He has successfully completed his 30 day test with outstanding scores and finished his 70 day test in 2003.

       Confirmed at L-level (approx. 2nd level equivalent), he recently went to two competitions and handily won his very first A-level test.  He also placed 4th in his first time out at L-level.

       One doesn't see better walks and his canter tour gets more kudos than critizism. Only balance and maturity are needed for his trot work to be jaw dropping good.
       This tall stallion could be ridden by a junior or an amateur and is mannerly to handle on the ground. He is offered for sale due to recent breeding economics and may - if sadly - be gelded to undergo a pure performance career in the future.

 This is a dream horse, look at these pictures, isn't he gorgeous?


Vet record from licensing age can be made available incl. x-rays.

Lengthy under saddle footage available from August 2003. 30 day test result details on request.

Please contact Irene: HWRanch@HW-web.net


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