Likantus, bay Hanoverian gelding by Likoto/Wanderer/Matcho, born in 2001, standing 16.1 hands.

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Likantus is a flashy and very elegant eye catcher. With all his chrome in contrast to his black legs and mane, he is sure to get the attention. Ok, enough about the color, his gaits are just as good and will satisfy every judge and owner.

He is easy to ride by young riders and amateurs alike. This is a horse that will carry you gladly around in the warm up ring and bring his best performance every time as needed.

He was successfully shown and has ribbons in First Level, he placed 2nd, 4th and 6th at different shows with huge competition. He is a fast learner and very forgiving, a timid rider would be a fine match for him too. He loads, baths and stands quiet for the farrier. No vices!

Check out his pictures and video clips, Likantus is a great partner for dressage and he loves to jump as well. He will happily go on trail rides with you and loves to get pampered every day. If you are searching a huge “love bear”, you found him.


check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

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Video Clip 1

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Likantus over jumps:

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