Calito, bay Westphalian gelding by Casaretto(Calypso) x Fittipald/Anglo, born in 1995, standing 17.1 hands.

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Searching a safe and sound schoolmaster? Here he is:

Calito has nerves out of steal and is trained solidly up to 3rd level, with victories in 2nd  level in 2006, just on September 16th, 2006, he won 2nd level with a whopping 7.8!!!

 He has great flying changes, good gaits with impressive trot lengthenings as well as a really uphill canter. He is not maxed out and can go up the levels even further, with the right rider or he can teach his knowledge to the timid amateur, the pick is yours.

Calito is very easy to ride, light in the bit with the double bridle as well as in the snaffle, a darling to handle and is a pro at shows. He will happily carry you around and collect the ribbons with you together. He is a sweet and in your pocket type horse, always happy to get some attention. He is still with his very first owner und was well taken care of all his life. If you feel like you could be his next mom or dad to spoil him rotten and to stack some ribbons in your tack room, he definitley is the horse for you. Just learn from his experience and contact me as soon as you can.

Good schoolmasters are hard to find and this one is a very attractive boy with all the bells and whistles. He has no maintenance issues and looks very young as well. A definite show stopper!


check out his video clips!!!   

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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