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October 2nd, 2017:

Lisa - well done, so proud of you and FineStep HW, looking good, what a great and successful partnership, love it!

Lisa Rush added new photos to the album: 2017 Regional Championships at Maffit Lake Equestrian Center by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and Lisa Rush.

Feeling so proud of FineStep HW and me for working so hard at 4th level and placing Champions in both our 4th Level Championship and 4th Level Freestyle Championship classes earning a place at the US Finals in Kentucky again this year. We dipped our hoof into PSG this year and were also 3rd place in our PSG Championship class earning a wildcard to the US Finals in this class too. So grateful to have such a wonderful horse to have a my partner on this journey. Thank you Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for your wonderful horses and the opportunity to own one. He is a super boy! Photos and help compliments of my good friend and travel buddy Susan Pope Laird Holmes, great help from Megan Ward word on Sunday. Wouldn't be here without the great lesson from William Solyntjes. It was another great show with our Team SD crew. Maffit Lake Equestrian Center put on a well run show at there beautiful and expansive facility. The atmosphere was electric all weekend and the weather cooperated all 4 days, only some minor sprinkles on Sunday.

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September 29th, 2017:

SenSation HW & Michael Bragdell,

Reserve Champions, Dressage at Devon, in the 4 year old class.

Huge congratulations to Carol McPhee & family as well as Michael Bragdell and the Hilltop Team and everyone who helped on the road to success. Amazing! Well done!

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September 24th, 2017:

Hi Irene,

I wanted to report that Bentley HW was reserve champion at second level at the region 7 championships. I'm thankful for our partnership every day!

Dr. Amanda Apesos, DC Equine Chiropractor

Huge congratulation Amanda, updates of our past sales horses, totally make my days.

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September 24th, 2017:

Nadine Schwartsman posted:

An other good day for our Les Bois Team.

CynthiaMcKim's FiveStar HW blew me away with his Intermediate 1 Freestyle.

It's so incredible to feel his power and energy controlled into more and more brilliant movement every week. He won with a whooping 73.962 

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September 21st, 2017:

Nadine Schwartsman posted: CynthiaMcKim's wonderful up and coming FEI youngster FiveStar HW is the 2017 Intermediate 1 Freestyle Champion with a 72.856.

Our Freestyle music is from Nikolai's favorite movie The Good Dinosaur and was created by Nancy Roche and Tom Freeze. Contact those two if you are looking for new Freestyle music!

Fantastic, huge congratulations, what a super result.

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August 27th, 2017:

It’s a huge pleasure to see Fizau, aka Fizzy (Fitz HW) with Laura Graves, doing super well. Following this horse since he was purchased from us in 2013, is just amazing!

They competed in the Developing Horse Championships, in Chicago/Lamplight Equestrian Center.

Fizzy is owned by Susan Shattuck-Fryett all these years and has quite the respectable show record, now just added 6th in the nation at Prix St Georges Developing Horse and can look back at super scores over 2017 - same level, at different shows as well. Well done, huge congratulations to this team and Fizzy’s owner and whom ever made it possible.

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August 27th, 2017:

Super nice to see Michael Bragdell and SenSation HW (owner Scott & Carol McPhee) doing very well at the USEF Young/Developing Horse Championships, in Chicago/Lamplight Equestrian Center.

 They finished 5th in the Four-year old Preliminary Test the first day and 6th the second day, placing them in 6th place in the whole nation. So thankful to see this young horse develop and in the trusted hands of the Hilltop Farm Team with loving owners by his side. What a wonderful avenue and experience, heartfelt congratulations and a huge thank you to all who helped SenSation HW on his way as well as congratulations to all others who competed and attended.

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August 23rd, 2017:

Good luck to Fizzy (aka Fitz HW) and Laura Graves in Chicago!

Here is an article in the Chronicle Of The Horse, in case you missed it:

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August 22nd, 2017:

Pitu HW was a perfect pony, and won all four of his classes, including the high point amateur/adult 2-3 tests to earn two USDF Dover Medals, with his owner Emily Barber in the saddle. It was his first rated show in the US, just 3 months after being imported.

Yay! He received an 8.5 for walk and a 9 for trot lengthening! In second level 3 - Gaits = 8; Impulsion = 8; Submission = 8 Collective scores averaged an 8 and endless smiles and happiness!

Huge congratulations, so much fun to see them blossom together.

Another match made by

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August 18th, 2017

Carol McPhee posted:

Fun and Positive Show day at Thunderhead Farm. Did we Win, Nope but we all had good rides with Respectful Scores and placing (2nd, 3rds, 4th and 5) and enjoyed ourselves. Feeling HW, Bentley, Fendi HW with myself, Ally Fox and Kristie Adornetto.
Congratulations Carol, glad your first own show experience in many years, was so beautiful and successful - well done!!!

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Fendi HW                          Feeling HW

August 17th and 18th, 2017:

Waterloo Hunt Club.

So thankful to see Nancy Smith and Damon’s Design HW at doing well and having fun, what a great match. Damon's Design HW was a rock star in Third Level 3 with a 72.5% and the next day they rocked the house again with a 71.4% for another First place. Well done, huge congratulations!

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August 10th, 2017

Check out all those Festival HW Champion and High Sore ribbons!

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted:

Having received the Ride for Life High Score ribbon (pinky one in middle) and maxed out of space for all my Festival HW and Donna Gatchell's Championship and High Score ribbons

I thought it time to take a pic before I unblock library door way??!

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August 9th, 2017:

Donna Gatchell posted/added 2 new photos — with Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold at Donna Gatchell Dressage - Nokesville, VA

Nice surprise in the mail for me getting back from vacation !! Festival HW was high score FEI at the PVDA Ride for Life.?? Thank you PVDA for this , it was a great show !!! We will be back next year !!

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August 8th, 2017:

80.6%! Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce) & Jennifer Schrader-Williams on top again!

Up to 80.6% and blue ribbons at 2nd level, what a team. Huge congratulations to Heidi Schneller-Cook (owner) and Jennifer Schrader-Williams.

Well done, always a pleasure to see how nicely a partnership grows and the success that comes with it, those two have a whole slew of blue ribbons by now.

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August 6th, 2017:

Awww, messages like that make my day!

Lisa Norling: "Francis HW did exceedingly well this weekend with qualifying scores every ride including a 79.265% at First Level - Jennifer Schrader-Williams & I are thrilled! Thank you Irene!"

Huge congratulations!!! Well done!

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July 22nd 2017:

Yes, more victories, 86.6% for SenSation HW, USEF Young Horse Test 4 year old and 80.4% SenSation HW, USEF 4yo Young Horse Test Championship Qualifier.

Huge congratulations to Michael Bragdell, Team Hilltop Farm and SenSation HW’s owner Carol McPhee what a pleasure to see them shine!

Carol McPhee posted:

Not boasting just sharing my excitement for SenSation HW. From lil' boy to big boy. SenSation HW is now 5 for 5 for the Blues. Thanks to Olivia A. Steidle for his first outing and continuing the trend Michael Bragdell. Thanks Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for having such super horses.

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July 20th, 2017:

Nadine Schwartsman - Finally our Spokane Show update from last weekend!

We absolutely loved spending time with our Spokane friends at Christel Carlson's wonderful facility :) and with her chickens!! They came to pick up their grain in the morning too!

Barb Featherstone-Sparks's was the FEI Champion with her R. Cessna scoring 66.974 and 67.308 at PSG. Getting closer to that 70% mark! Cynthia McKim and her Varden also had a solid PSG test with a clean line of 3 tempis (Yay!!!!) scoring over 60%. Stephanie Jaymes Bonney and Lise Madson's stallion H.S. Warado won the Dover Medal and their Second Level 3 class. Dr. Cynthia McKim’s FiveStar HW scored a solid 69.565 with Nadine Schwartsman, in his qualifier for the Developing PSG even though he lost a shoe doing the warm up!

Definitely not our lucky day but we still moved up to #16 on the National Ranking List. Now we wait....

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 July 10th, 2017:

Bronze at the Danish Championships 2017 - Super Selten HW! Fantastic performances, selected for the Aachen team, Selten HW and Anders Dahl did super well this weekend.

 Huge congratulations! 

Stort tillykke til vores danmarksmester i dressur, Cathrine og Cassidy?????? Også stort tillykke til Agnete og Jojo med sølvet?? og til Anders og Selten HW med bronzen?? Vi glæder os til at følge jer i Aachen?????? #dressur #DM #sydbank #agria Big Congratulations to our win in dressage, Cathrine and Cassidy ?????? also big congratulations to agnete and jojo with the silver ?? and to Anders and Selten HW with bronze ?? we look forward to following you in aachen ?????? #Dressage #dm #sydbank #agria

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July 8th, 2017:

Dressage at Stone Tavern I USEF 4yo Championship Qualifier, TWO starts, TWO victories for SenSation HW and Michael Bragdell at their first horse show, it was wet and muddy, but oh so nice anyway. They got great scores of 8.5, 8.7 and 8.2, leading up to a final score of 82.4 % - WOW - the first day and scored super well with a 79.8 % the second day too. Huge congratulations to Michael Bragdell, Team Hilltop Farm and SenSation HW’s owner Carol McPhee, what a pleasure to see them shine!

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July 8th, 2017:

It’s official, Selten HW and Anders Dahl qualified for the Dutch team, that will participate at the CHIO in Aachen, huge congratulations, what a sensational success!

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July 6th, 2017:

Danish Dressage Championships: Super Selten and Anders Dahl had a great day at the Danish Championships. Olympic rider Anders Dahl and Selten HW, second place with 73.1% after a very harmonious and flowing ride. Congratulations to Anders Dahl, Fiona Bigwood & Selten HW.

Pictures by Anne Kollberg

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June 29th, 2017:

Congratulations to FiveStar HW, Nadine Schwartsman and his owner Cynthia McKim!

Nadine Schwartsman posts: Home and recovered from a wonderful Boise River Dressage show: 

FiveStar HW was a dream to show and won the FEI High Point both days. On Sunday he scored a 69.079 in his second ever I1 even with a big sneeze during his 3 tempis!

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June 26th, 2017:

Donna Gatchell shared Donna Gatchell Dressage's post — with Karen Kerchner Baillie PVDA ride for life!!

What a fabulous show this is !!! Everyone is so nice, it is becoming one of my favorite shows, and it is such a worthy cause! Donna Gatchell Dressage had another super show

Festival HW continued his winning streak with his PSG class on Saturday for a 69.3%!!

Super happy with him . He also placed 3rd ( Sunday ) and 5th Saturday in his MFS classes.

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June 25th, 2017:

Wow, another high score and multiple victories - congratulations Lisa Rush and FineStep HW! Lisa says: FineStep HW doing a 4th level test at Dressage Lite in Mason City, IA. I love this boy! Such a fun weekend at Dressage Lite and Dressage Lite Too, the adult and junior team competitions are always fun to see what the teams come up with for names and decor. Fin and I had our highest score yet with a 75.1 on our 4th level Freestyle. He was a great boy all weekend. Love that boy!?

Thanks to all photographers, including Sandie Van Voorst

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Pic5164.jpg (739002 bytes)Pic5161.jpg (913957 bytes)

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June 14th, 2017:


Carol McPhee and Fendi HW at Thunderhead Farm (nice facility and run very well).

Victory and 2nd place - Super day with Fendi HW, 2nd Level Debut with Olivia A. Steidle.

 Super Photos & Show Preparation by Ally Fox

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Pic5079.jpg (399715 bytes) 

June 13th, 2017:

Nadine Schwartsman with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold

My fantastic horse FiveStar HW, winning the Intermediaire 1

Freestyle at the Pacific Northwest High Performance Dressage Gala with 72% 

Thank you Lyle Pearson, one of the premier auto groups in the Treasure Valley, for being the generous sponsor of our class. FiveStar HW and I love our beautiful cooler!

Pic5047.jpeg (822547 bytes)

June 12th, 2017:

Wow - huge congratulations - many more blue ribbons and high score awards for Festival HW!

Karen Kerchner Baillie says: My Festival HW today dancing with Donna Gatchell during his 4th Level Musical Freestyle. They won both FEI Prix St Georges (PSG) classes this weekend with 67%, 69% and 71%. Won High Score PSG for show yesterday. Couldn't be happier with this pair!!

With Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold Millie Rowe. Great MFS Debbie Marriott!

Photos by Janet Galley

Pic5044.jpg (217474 bytes)

Pic5060.jpeg (928166 bytes) IMG_3106.JPG (115612 bytes)

June 11th, 2017:

Congratulations to Megan De Michele on two blues with Louboutin HW (owned by Mary Flood) at the VADA Recognized show this weekend. His first recognized and a 71%. Great job, well done.

Pic5042.jpeg (764822 bytes)

June 10th, 2017:


Congratulations to Sandro (alias Sammy aka Special Edition HW) and his mommy Sandrine.

 Sandrine Mysweetlife added 4 new photos.

2 grosses fautes de frayeurs .. qui nous coûtent tellement tellement de points ...

64,987 ... % sur ce St. Georges Pro 2 préliminaire

Merci mon amour de Poney je t'aime très fort !

Mon meilleur partenaire

Quelle honneur de monter sur le Grand national : des pistes de rêves

Merci à tout l'équipe pamfou dressage : Zab Camille Judet pour nos progrès et nos débuts dans ce circuit Pro si complexe

Merci à Claire Finkelstein et Cedric Mion pou votre confiance : nous aimerions faire tellement mieux pour vous





Pic5043.jpg (220714 bytes)

June 6th, 2017:

Wonderful how Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce) was developed by Jennifer Schrader-Williams. What a pleasure to see him successfully competing, in elegant style and with his lofty movement. Perfect all around.

He is owned by Heidi Schneller-Cook, congratulations to all.



June 4th, 2017:

Jayne Fife with Nadine Schwartsman at Les Bois Dressage Barn, Eagle, ID ·

Jayne Fife took this super cool photo of FiveStar winning the FEI Freestyle today with 72+%, with Nadine Schwartsman in the saddle. In addition, Nadine says: “He got a 71% in the Developing PSG!!!! Love this horse so much!!!” FiveStar HW was absolutely amazing in the Saturday night Pacific Northwest High Performance Dressage Freestyle Gala. He loved the atmosphere and tried so incredibly hard for me. We were rewarded with the winning score of 72% for our Intermediaire 1 Freestyle. On Sunday he did it again in the Developing PSG earning a score of 71.029. So so proud of this talented young FEI horse!

Amazing success and scores, huge congratulations to all, as well as to his owner, who purchased him sight unseen as a 4 year old, Cynthia McKim, well done.

Pic4951.jpg (601336 bytes)

May 30th, 2017:


Wonderful updates from Lisa Norling's Francis HW, California, Murieta Equestrian Center.

Showing super successfully and in training with the elegant rider Jennifer Schrader-Williams. As expected, successes and blue ribbons were in the forecast and look at that, with scores of up to 75,385%, the victories piled up. Well done, what a great team, might I mention, Francis HW was purchased sight unseen from 

image1.jpeg (254950 bytes) image2.jpeg (431695 bytes)

image4.jpeg (315100 bytes)

May 22nd, 2017:

Donna Gatchell Dressage posted:

PVDA show. Day 2 !!

Festival HW today PSG. 1st place. 68% !!! He was a super star again today , not quite as good as ride as yesterday , but still so happy with him.  He also won FEI high score today !! More pictures coming tomorrow of the test from the Great Janet Galley Thank you Karen Kerchner Baillie and Fred for all

Pic4848.jpeg (377057 bytes) Pic4847.jpeg (559449 bytes)


May 21st, 2017:

AND - they keep collecting the blue ribbons, well done - huge congratulations!

Donna Gatchell shared Donna Gatchell Dressage's post — with Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. Donna Gatchell Dressage added 3 new photos — at Morven Park Equestrian Center.

We had an amazing first day of the PVDA show today. Festival HW and me warming up for our PSG test today where he scored 72% and won the class!!! He also went on to a winning score of 74% in his 4th level MFS !! So proud of him and how far he has come !!! Always more to work on but for today I am thrilled Huge thanks to Karen and Fred for all their support !!!

Pic4841.jpg (462934 bytes) Pic4840.jpg (465746 bytes) Pic4842.jpeg (419126 bytes)

May 11th, 2017, Australia:

Mark Kiddle and Waitano (aka Walk On Top HW) won both the Edinburgh Horse Rugs FEI Prix St.George and the Jodie Dunstan Dressage FEI Inter I Horse. Huge congratulations to Mark Kiddle and Waitano - in Australia. Wonderful!!!!

Picture by Amy-Sue Alston Photography & Design's

Pic4808.jpg (633404 bytes)


May 4th, 2017

Here is a message from Paris, sure made my day!

Hello Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold I hope that you remembre me !

I bought my lovely Sandro (alias Sammy aka Special Edition HW) with you when he was 5 years Old.

I m always in love with Him like the First day I saw him Thank you so much for that !

Sandro was 8th on the last french championship My traîner is Isabelle Judet the fantastic 5* star judge We will begin CDI 3* in 2 month in small tour\

Sandro is schooling grand prix movement very Easily !!

Thanks a lot again To you Best regards Sandrine and Sandro From Paris

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4.jpg (89139 bytes)

2.jpg (70819 bytes) 3.jpg (91655 bytes)




April 30th, 2017:

Olivia A. Steidle posted:

Kicking the season off with a bang!

Carol McPhee"s SenSation HW rocked his first tests ever at the LVDA show hosted at SpringFields with a whopping 74+%, a 75% and the High Point Champion ribbon, very excited! Caroline Day's the Gadfly put in two very solid Training Level event tests (my first ones and you don't have to halt in the beginning!) to start his season off. Thanks to LVDA for a well run show on a perfect riding weather day!

Owner Carol McPhee posted: SenSation HW first show and 2 Blues and complete silence for his two tests. Good job Olivia A. Steidle - congratulations 

Pic4722.jpg (979365 bytes) Pic4721.jpg (466003 bytes) Pic4720.jpg (930622 bytes)

April 25th, 2017:

Donna Gatchell shared Donna Gatchell Dressage's post — with Karen Kerchner Baillie

Festival HW was amazing Irene.

My trainer is so impressed with his progress which is a testament to his rideability and character !!!!

He is now confirmed in his 4's , 3's, 2's , and learning his ones !!!

Festival HW April 20171.jpg (430095 bytes) Festival HW April 20172.jpeg (405167 bytes) Festival HW April 20173.jpeg (411716 bytes)

April 21st, 2017:

8's and 9's - Huge congratulations to Michelle Rozzano Gerlach, she reports the following, how wonderful, all around!

My plan for my beloved Forbes HW is showing signs of success.

I know Forbes HW is super talented. I know his athletic ability has him bound for FEI...but...I'm a "slow and steady" sort of rider. I not only want to canter down centerline on Forbes HW in a shadbelly, I want him to love doing it. This past show, he actually enjoyed himself. We trotted boldly down centerlines for 8s, had canter departs for 9s, and hacked around the show grounds with confidence. I can hardly wait for our next outing! Plus, as a bonus, we are qualified for the Region 3 Championships!

IMG_0933.PNG (2149971 bytes) IMG_0934.jpeg (296609 bytes)

April 11th, 2017:

Horseshow with Donna Gatchell Dressage and Karen Kerchner Baillie with Millie Rowe at Morven Park Equestrian

Karen Kerchner Baillie says:

Delighted once again with my Festival HW and Donna Gatchell's MFS performances and FEI level PSG test. Donna has brought him so far since I bought him from Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and he came to us as a very special guy. Debbie Marriott thank you for MFS! Gorgeous pictures Janet- Thank you so much!

Donna Gatchell Dressage posted:

Festival HW had a great weekend at Morven park last weekend !! He won his 4th level MFS both days with Scores on Saturday 74.567; And Sun MFS: 72.1 and 77.8 for a total score of 75.000%!!!!! PSG: 66.8% at B and a score of 61.7% from the judge at C for a total score of 64.2% and a 2nd place Huge thanks to Karen and Fred for their continued support of me and Festival HW !!! A big shout out to Debbie Debbie Marriott who did my MFS "s. She does amazing work !!! Thank you !! Thank you so much to Janet Galley for these incredible pictures.

Pic4589.jpg (243448 bytes) Pic4592.jpg (329356 bytes)

Pic4593.jpg (200310 bytes) Pic4595.jpg (208691 bytes)

 April 1st, 2017

Rachel Saavedra Dressage posted:

Hi Irene, 

Fun to see his baby pictures. Just saw Jennifer S-W shining at the Murietta CDI. Brought Sueño (ShowMaster HW) out at Int. II and Developing GP in January. He felt great! On our way to our semi annual clinic with Conrad Schumacher. Can't wait to show him how strong and keen Sueno is and get our marching orders for the next steps. I thank you again for this wonderful horse! Rachel Awwww, beautiful ShowMaster HW, also known as Sueno Hit, owned by Rachel Saavedra Dressage. Rachel is one of USDF's top instructor/clinicians AND she and her partner, Sueno Hit, are 2016 USDF Horse of the Year 8th place for Prix St George!!

IMG_2892.JPG (173702 bytes)

March 26th, 2017:

Congratulations to more success and blue ribbons, now at Prix St. George, amazing, well done!

Donna Gatchell shared Donna Gatchell Dressage's post — with Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.

Festival HW on his way to winning the PSG this morning !!! So proud of him. Still lots to work on but very happy with him Huge thanks to Karen for all her support of him and me !!

Pic4477.jpg (192190 bytes)

March 14th, 2017:

Francis HW and Jennifer Schrader-Williams scored consistently in the 70's over the weekend, bringing home the blue - what a superb first horse show for this boy.

His owner Lisa Norling says that she couldn't be happier, he was a perfect gentleman from the time he loaded on - naturally winning and beautiful rides. He is a solid citizen and her and her family were very proud of him and thankful. Huge congratulations, well done, what a win/win.

Pic4403.jpg (377328 bytes) Pic4390.jpg (1217608 bytes)

March 9th, 2017:

Eurodressage prints the following article about Fitz HW (Fizau) and his rider Laura Graves

Fitz HW was purchased by Susan Shattuck in 2013, lovely to see how far he already progressed and how successful he is.

Thank you Astrid Appels, for this wonderful article and thank you Susan and Laura, for this amazing opportunity.

Pic4376.jpg (1124731 bytes)



February 15th, 2017:

Karen Kerchner Baillie says: Gearing up for 2017 Show season; gathered Festival HW and Donna Gatchell's career Champion ribbons 2014-2016

Donna Gatchell added: Festival HW. Just love him.

He has done so well, and is such a joy to ride and show !!

I am blessed to train him, he has given me many champ ribbons.

Thank you Karen. And also Irene for producing and selling us such a fabulous horse !! Looking forward to PSG this year

screenshot_346.jpg (168877 bytes)

February 5th, 2017:

Shawneen Jacobs posted: Congratulations Janine Little and Finley (aka FiftyShades HW!)

They had a great weekend at White Fences. Huge congratulations to you all - well done!

Pic4243.jpg (470243 bytes) Pic4244.jpg (611648 bytes)

January 29th, 2017:

Donna Gatchell Dressage posted the following, huge congratulations to this team!

We had a wonderful time at the American Hanoverian and Rhinelander awards Banquet this eve !!! Don Tiago ( champion 1st level MFS ) and Festival HW ( champion 4th level ) made me so proud this last year !!! Huge gratitude to their owners, Rachel DeMarcus ( Don Tiago) and Karen Kerchner Baillie ( Festival HW ) who entrusted me to train and show their horses last year .

We had a great year!!! Here's looking forward to 2017 !!!

Pic4225.jpg (180751 bytes)

January 27th, 2017

Heidi Schneller-Cook posted:

Heritage Farms Sotto Voce' aka Sir Niro HW.

Sotto Voce' has places third in the Country in First Level out of 552 competitors.

A lovely horse with unlimited potential. Many thanks to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and Jennifer Schrader-Williams for all your help developing such a lovely young prospect!

Pic4220.jpg (534628 bytes)

January 14th, 2017:

Nancy Smith posted: Feeling blessed with Damon's Design HW winning his first third level test today, at the Grand Oak Resort!

Huge congratulations to Nancy Smith & Sarah Bushong, well done.

What a wonderful team.

7M4A2647.jpg (7027346 bytes) 7M4A2548.jpg (5494886 bytes) 7M4A2670.jpg (11143491 bytes)



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