FürstenHit HW, dark bay Oldenburg gelding,  Fürst Romancier/Sandro Hit/Rubinstein, born in 2010, standing approximately 172 cm or 16.3 hands.

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FürstenHit HW comes with an impressive pedigree, his sire Fürst Romancier has every-body talking. Charming appearance, convincing with his quality - a dressage index of more than 148 points at his performance test.

Champion Stallion and Champion Mare - double honours mark the start of a breeding career.

A brilliant debut in breeding!

The impressive Fürst Romancier created a double sensation in the 2011 and 2012 seasons: At the 2011 Oldenburg licensing he presented the Champion Stallion, For Romance, who was auctioned for the sensational price of 750,000 Euros and in summer 2012, the full sister Fasine, the Champion Mare at the Oldenburg Elite Mare Show in the Schlosspark of Rastede. Fürst Romancier, himself a main premium winner, became the most successful stallion of his age group at the World Championships for five-year old dressage horses in 2009. At the Bundeschampionships, he reached second place in the qualifier for the final with a score of 9.0 and was placed fourth in the final as he was at the World Champi-onships for young dressage horses. In his stallion performance test, he received top scores, all above 9.0, for his basic gaits as well as a 9.0 and a 9.5 for ride ability. Since then he has progressed to advanced (S) classes. According to the FN's breeding value estimation he has quickly landed amongst the Top 1% of all German Dressage sires (157 points). The sire, Fürst Heinrich, was himself a World Champion of young dressage horses and the dam's sire Romancier originates from the Olympic mare line of Dodona. Fürst Romancier represents the valuable dam line of Edoste which produced the Bundescham-pion and European Championship participant Exupéry, Vice Bundescham-pion Landjuwel Gold, Olympic horse Petit Prince/Ellen Bontje and Grand Prix winner Avignon (German Champion with Thomas Schmitz).

Fürst Romancier:

FürstenHit HW is a high quality youngster. His pedigree reads like no other, famous stallions, famous worldwide known riders!

The Oldenburg Champion stallion and Young Horse Champion, TRIPLE CROWN WINNER - Selten HW (previously Elizabeth Ball's mount, sold for Euro 500.000 to Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl - internationally successful, bred and raised by www.HWfarm.com) - is by the same sire as FürstenHit HW's dam sire.

FürstenHit HW's dam sire is Sandro Hit, inheriting his elegance and movement. Better than ever: Sandro Hit has started a new era in the dressage scene and is already writ-ing sporting and breeding history The number one: National Young Horse Champion - Young Dressage World Champion - unique producer performance Sandro Hit progeny are breaking all price-records, are annually winning championships and are Approval Champions Sandro Hit absolved his stallion performance test in Medingen in 1997 and in 1999 he became federal champion six-year old dressage horses as well as world champion juvenile horse in Arnheim. He has meanwhile been trained up to advanced class. Right from the outset, Sandro Hit set standards not only in sport, but also in breeding. His first crops of foals are convincing by their exceptionally aesthetic im-print of type as well as their outstanding motions. His son Sandrit was the 1999 ap-proval winner in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, while Sommerhit was runner-up in Berlin-Brandenburg and Sandro Ace became vice-champion in Oldenburg. Sunny Boy in turn, was awarded a premium in Oldenburg , whereas Sommeliere likewise was approved in Oldenburger in 1999. In the year 2000, Sandro Hit made the headlines once more: His Brandenburg bred daughter Poetin won the Federal Championship of three year old mares and geldings under Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. A number of his offspring attained peak prices at different German auction sites, including his daughter Starlet, who at DM 140,000 was the top lot of the collection of broodmares at the 2000 Vechta spring auction. On top of that, two Sandro Hit progeny were awarded the desired status "approved" at the Oldenburg approval, as well as at the NRW approvals. In 2001 he sired the Federal champion and two vice champions.

Sandro Hit with Ulf Möller:

FürstenHit HW is a sensational horse, inside and out. He is an exemplary gentleman, "très chic" and noble at the same time. Truly a horse for the discriminating buyer. He has it all.

FürstenHit HW is at 2nd level and a rather fast learner.

He has a superb rhythm and swings through his back. His gaits are just breathtaking. The canter comes with a phenomenal freedom in the shoulder, always uphill and easy to collect, jumping well up and out and under every single time. He is fun to watch and ride. The trot is packed with schwung and his elasticity fulfills all our dreams. He opens up his shoulder and brings the front leg out quite impressive for such a young horse. His active hind steps deeply under his body and enables him to look effortless and move up and out with a lot of air time.

He has talent for piaffe and passage, this horse will sit - it's very obvious already. His walk is pure with good overstep. He is as pretty as it gets, chiselled head, stallion neck (he's a gelding) and looks like a clone in type and movement to some of the famous stallions in his pedigree, a superb horse for the big ring and international competitions.

FürstenHit HW is in the same hands since he was a foal and brought up at our training barn in Germany. He loves to work and learn and has a bright future. He is a "people horse" and loves to be pampered and cuddled, he is always searching for some apples or sugars in your pocket. He knows everything a young horse needs to know. Used to the wash rack, solarium, hot walker and more. He is easy to load and travels well. A true gem and he will bring a smile on your face - every day again and again! Perfect Junior or Amateur's horse, but with the quality for a professional as well! He has the perfect temperament.

This young star will go far in the dressage ring.

Show him in the Young Horse Championships or take him to the BundesChampionships!

In addition, you will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics.

His bloodlines are very much sought after. He has many of the F, S and R lines you could dream of.

Check him out, he is truly a dream horse!

X-rays on file!

  check out his video clip!!!

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