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El Capitano HW, chestnut Hanoverian gelding by (Earl / Wolkentanz), born in 2007, standing approximately 170 cm or 16.3 hands.

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El Capitano HW is by the sensational stallion Earl. Earl's sire, Escudo I, stands for jumping ability and beautiful, elastic gaits, in addition to stunning black color. Lanthan on the dam's side is insurance for beautiful conformation and jumping and dressage ability, and adds another gene for black, giving rise to the possibility that Earl is homozygous for the black gene. Earl received a 9 for his walk, an 8 for his trot, 8.5 for his canter and a 9 for his willingness to work. Earl convinced at the performance test by all criteria, especially with his rideability and his willingness to work.

He impressed because of his marvelous topline, his well-shaped, correct and harmonious riding horse conformation and his perfect character.

Earl comes from bloodlines top and bottom that are known to produce dressage ability and jumping talent. His test results confirm this dual purpose tendency.

Stallion Performance Test 2002, Adelheidsdorf

Overall score 143.93 / 1st

Dressage score 139.93 / 2nd

Jumping score 127.55 / 3rd


El Capitano HW's dam is by Wolkentanz, he stems from the famous foundation stallion Weltmeyer. He already achieved an impressive record. In 1993 he was Champion of the Stallion Licensing. In 1994 he was German Champion Three-Year Old Riding Horse, and Reserve Champion of the Stallion Performance Test. In the new German Hanoverian Stallion Yearbook of Breeding Values, Wolkentanz rates an impressive 6th for dressage in mare performance tests. He passes on flowing, expressive, rhythmical movements, correct conformation, charm and a wonderful mind.

Wolkentanz has 19 licensed sons (5 Premium) and 66 States Premium Mares. His breeding values based on daughters inspected and performance tested rank with the very best Hanoverian stallions.

Wolkentanz's weanling daughter, Wiesling (Wolkentanz/ Dividende [Domingo]) won her Weanling Fillies Class at Dressage at Lexington VA for Dr. Steve and Bettie Carroll (NC). She went on to win Reserve Champion Filly, Reserve Champion Young Horse, and Reserve Grand Champion of the entire show!


El Capitano HW is a very special horse. He's a super fancy mover with an incredibly sweet disposition. He has a great body and mind. He is a gentleman with huge willingness to perform and please as well as he has the ability to learn piaffe and passage in the future. He is a forward thinking horse, but is easy to collect, ultra chic in his trot extensions and his gaits are lofty with a lot of airtime and suspension. With a clean beat and rhythm in all gaits, he's just wonderful to watch and ride.

This horse has Grundschwung and elastic movement, a breathtaking horse for your future. He's easy to sit as he swings very nicely through his back.

He was called "Schatzi" (Honey, Sweety) in Germany, a title he well deserves.

El Capitano HW is truly a sensational horse to draw the attention of the crowd and be remembered by the judges. He successfully competed at 2nd level and has already collected scores as high as 7.8! He's at 3rd level now, including flying changes and lateral work. He has the potential to go all the way up the levels, you could be the lucky person to show him at GP later on in life, as well as in the 2013 Young Horse Class for six year olds, what a super goal for him.

El Capitano HW is truly a sensational horse if you want to draw the attention of the crowds and be remembered by the judges. He is successfully showing at 2nd level and has already collected scores as high as 7.8! He has the potential to go all the way up the levels and if all works out, you could be the lucky person to show him at GP or have your trainer show him there in the next years to come. He will only get better with more training, muscles and time.

Like a good wine, he will ripe and get more valuable. All the ingredients are there, now it will depend on the future training how fast all goals can get accomplished. He is well trained for his age and that with a solid training and great character as well as attitude. El Capitano is a super star in the making, buy him now before his price will go up with further training. He has the right attitude and capacity to do it all, he will be seen in the upper levels, collecting the blue ribbons, one after another. Can you imagine to go to clinics with this one? The audience will be silent like little mice and will have eyes as big as a hawk! This is one of a kind, secure him now! Sensational bloodlines, looks and attitude, can't get any better than this.

El Capitano HW is a star in the barn and a true gem to handle. He stands for the farrier, loads, travels and loves his grooming time and thrives for attention.

He loves to go in your pockets and to search for treats. El Capitano HW whinnies once he sees somebody going towards his stall, he's just so cute all around.

X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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