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FineStep HW
Sugarland HW
Charming HW
Fitz HW
PrimeTime HW
El Capitano HW
Brilliantly HW
Quite Right HW


FineStep HW Reliable, cute FEI candidate with superb bloodlines. Well balanced & fancy mover! He's as sweet as can be!

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Sugarland HW Successfully shown, winning her classes with scores of up to 8.5 for gaits. Definite FEI quality, at 3rd/4th level!

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Charming HW

Piaffe and Passage, here we come! At 3rd level/FEI quality, reliable, super character with fancy gaits, already showing successfully!

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Fitz HW Compact and fancy, superb future FEI star, ideal for the Young Horse Classes or Bundeschampionat, already at 2nd level!

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FiftyShades HW Attention magnet: Beautiful, fancy, elastic & outstanding FEI candidate!

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" Q " Proven, PREMIUM licensed breeding and riding stallion, superb bloodlines, definite FEI quality and winning his classes! q_TN.jpg (99456 bytes)
PrimeTime HW Fascinating gelding with stallion looks, mesmerizing gaits already at 3rd level, including confirmed/clean flying changes. Successfully shown at 1st and 2nd. 

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El Capitano HW

Simply breathtaking, outstanding FEI candidate, showing successfully, scoring up to 7.8 at 2nd level, training 3rd, including clean flying changes.

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Brilliantly HW Breathtaking looks and movement, this is one for the big ring and international competitions. Successfully shown and winning at 1st Level, solid 2nd, training 3rd!

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Quite Right HW Top quality prospect (Quidam de Revel bloodlines) that will make a fantastic Hunter/Jumper, Event, or Dressage horse, already successful in the show ring!   QuiteTN.jpg (468756 bytes)


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