Warner, black KWPN gelding by Negro (Ferro)/Joost (Keur)/Pastrocio (Keur/Preferent), born 2003, standing  approximately16.3 hands.

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Warner is a horse you can trust and have fun with. His work ethic is really great; he is very willing and already safe. We think he will still grow a little and finish somewhere around 17 hands. He does not spook nor does he have any vices. Warner can go up the levels with an amateur rider, young rider or he may also be the perfect match for a professional rider as well.

Piaffe and passage will come naturally to him, he has a very active hind leg in addition to a lot of freedom in the shoulder and the energy to do it all.

Stunning to look at and well mannered he’ll be on the fast track into your heart. He is ridden by a young lady and is as safe as a youngster can be. He is a talented mover with great gaits, good use of hind end and a great reach with the front. He has an amazing canter, already nicely collected and uphill. His character is the best, he is willing to work and does not spook. He shows a lot of promise to have a solid show carrier and he will be a great partner for everybody in the show ring. He is ready for his new rider at anytime.

Recently vetted with clean x-rays, healthy and sound.

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWFarm.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)

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